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Readers Respond: What is Your Pet Peeve About PowerPoint?

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There is no question that PowerPoint is a useful tool for making a presentation. But, I just hate it when the software makes decisions for me. Microsoft programs are notorious (at least in my eyes) for doing this -- in small ways -- but annoying ways just the same.

How about you? Do you have a pet peeve or a problem with PowerPoint that drives you crazy?

The Projector is NOT "A PowerPoint"

A woman I worked with for a while insisted on calling the projector "the PowerPoint." As in "Who did we loan the PowerPoint to?" or "You bring the presentation and I'll bring the PowerPoint." I didn't think it was good form for me to either yell and say "IT'S NOT A POWERPOINT, IT'S A PROJECTOR - POWERPOINT IS THE SOFTWARE!" or to give in to other less nice impulses. But I sure wanted to.

My Pet Peeve - making things "simpler"

The Office 2007 package has me using more colorful language than ever before. Text moves, a new page suddenly opens, or I'll type an "i" and the text becomes italicized. What happened to a lot of the defaults and where did the nice, normal "from title" background format go? I've never been unhappier than I have over the past year trying to use Office 2007, and I miss PPT the most! The "simpler" programs now take me at least twice as long to use.
—Guest atm4940

What doesn't make me crazy about PPT '07

I know they think that added a lot of "features" - extra commands and functionality. I feel more restricted, and it takes me longer to prep slides. What happened to the normal "from title" gradient in backgrounds?
—Guest at

Changing default fonts

hello, I just couldn't believe that you can't change the default font - if you replace your default template (blank.potx) with one that contains the correct fonts, you are set. This article (from Edinburgh University) describes how to do this: http://staff.napier.ac.uk/services/cit/Documents/MS%20Office%202007/MS%20PowerPoint%202007/STAFF%20PowerPoint%202007%20-%20Change%20the%20Default%20Font.pdf. Kind regards
—Guest Gabriel

Movies in PPT

Movies are not that stable in ppt. This area needs some serious work to improve. I agree with others it is the maker and presenter that produce poor presentations. Powerpoint is a great tool. try doing a presentation with pic and diagrams only and see how effective it can be.
—Guest alan

Stupid Font Choices

For me it’s the stupid font choice! Times New Roman isn’t *quite* the worst choice of font for a slideshow but it’s pretty damned close! Why not *default* to something useful like Helvetica (or anything else Sans Serif, frankly!)
—Guest Simon

PowerPoint dictionary

First I have to agree with Howard. The question was about things that bug you about PowerPoint -- not the people who use PowerPoint and their resultant presentations. I hate that the program assumes that I am from the US and identifies my spelling of colour, favourite, honour as mistakes. Hey Microsoft -- there is a whole world of users out there besides those who live in the US. Isn't it about time to add a few more words to your dictionary? I know you can install other dictionaries, but often the user has no control over the install of the program over a network.
—Guest Helen

Peeves about PPT or PPT Abusers?

Many of these points are very valid but are not PPT Peeves. They are peeves about PPT abusers. For example, if there are words on the slide, they should be read! Don't blame the presenter, blame the PPT file creator! Often the 2 aren't the same person. By the way, notice I didn't say PowerPoint Presentation. There is no such animal.
—Guest Howard Goldstein

PPT Viewer

My pet peeve is that the functions are not consistent between PPT Viewer and using the PowerPoint Program to present. For example where CTRL P and ESC can be used to pause animation and resume in PowerPoint it is a print function in the PPT Viewer. While I am at it, I use lots of hyperlinking and hyperlinking that works great in PPT Viewer does not in the PowerPoint Program if lots of animated GIFs are involved.
—Guest Howard Goldstein

Why does it have to be so garish?

I agree with Marziah. I don't want to be patronised with sound effects and silly transitions - especially when it's a serious business presentation. WordArt drives me absolutely insane as well, especially when the presenter hasn't changed one of the presets. Nor do I want brightly-coloured backgrounds. The people who present such slide shows invariably use awful grammar as well!!
—Guest Daniel Jones

Reading Your Slides!

Why use powerpoint if you're simply going to read your slides? I get quite annoyed when presenters go over their slides and read each bullet. The slides should only contain the big ideas of the topic and the presenter should elaborate on each. I also get annoyed when presenters don't provide audience members with copies. Audience members need to make their own meaningful jot notes!
—Guest Deb

It's the Users

I think PPT is probably the most abused software in the world. What I hate is people who put one point on a slide in big letters with a fancy background and then make sure every slide has an annoying transition effect - and then end up with a presentation of about a hundred slides! Like Marziah said, it should be about communication...

I Can't Take It Anymore

Presentations that look like PowerPoint. Oh great, another marketer with a PP slide show, ho hum.

Things That Drive Me Crazy About PPT

My pet peeve is the "because it's there" syndrome. No, your presentation doesn't *need* flying letters, sound effects, and silly clip art. Think about what you're trying to communicate and whether or not those things are helpful or harmful. And yes, the making decisions for me thing drives me nuts too.
—Guest Marziah

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