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Free PowerPoint Templates and Add-ins

Free PowerPoint templates and add-ins to download and use for your presentations
  1. Free Wedding PowerPoint Templates (5)

PowerPoint Templates and Add-ins By Collection
These PowerPoint and OpenOffice Impress templates and add in lists are sorted by categories, including business, education, seasonal and holiday/special occasion templates.

PowerPoint Business Templates
Here are several links to download free PowerPoint business templates for all your business presentations.

PowerPoint Education Templates
Free PowerPoint educational templates to use in your classroom. Lots of teaching resources for teachers. PowerPoint educational templates will give you ideas to bring technology into the classroom.

YouTube Video Add-ins for PowerPoint
These YouTube video add-ins are free to download for you to jazz up your PowerPoint presentations with YouTube videos.

Special Occasion and Seasonal PowerPoint Templates
Download these free PowerPoint templates for use in your business or classroom. Lots of choices for seasonal and special occastion PowerPoint templates.

Free PowerPoint Add-ins to Download
Download and install free PowerPoint add-ins to enhance your presentation software experience.

OpenOffice Impress Templates
Free, downloadable design templates to use with OpenOffice Impress presentation software.

PowerPoint Math Templates and Lesson Plans
Use PowerPoint as a tool to teach math. Students will learn about basic addition, simple subtraction, basic shapes and the multiplication times tables. Download these free PowerPoint math templates.

Content Slide Templates for PowerPoint 2007
Free PowerPoint 2007 content slide templates to download.

PowerPoint Story Writing Templates
PowerPoint story templates are fun ways to help students develop writing and story telling skills while learning how to use PowerPoint at the same time. Integrate literacy and technology into the classroom.

PowerPoint Template - Multiple Choice Quizzes
PowerPoint template for a multiple choice quiz. This pictoral step by step tutorial shows you how the PowerPoint template can be modified to suit your needs for any multiple choice quiz.

Seasonal Story Writing Templates Using PowerPoint
Write seasonal stories using PowerPoint story writing templates.

PowerPoint Blank Story Writing Templates
PowerPoint blank story writing templates to use in your classroon. Enhance students' creativity and story writing skills.

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