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Presentation Software Terminology - Letter T

These are just the briefest of definitions of Presentation software terminology starting with T. For more detailed descriptions see the individual page for each term.

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What is a Task Pane?
Different areas of the Microsoft PowerPoint screen are known as panes. The Task pane is located on the right of the screen. It changes to display options associated with the current task.

What is a Text Box?
What is a text box in presentation software?

What is Text Wrapping?
Learn what text wrapping is and how it is used.

What is a Thumbnail?
A thumbnail is the term used to describe a miniature version of a slide or picture.

The Timeline view of Windows Movie Maker or other movie making software shows the components of the movie such as photos, video and audio clips in the order and timing that they will appear in movie.

What is a PowerPoint Trigger?
When and how are PowerPoint triggers used?

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