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Free PowerPoint Alternatives

Free Software Alternatives to PowerPoint


Do you use an alternative to PowerPoint?

There is probably no argument that PowerPoint is currently the most used presentation software around the globe. However, other software titles are now available as PowerPoint alternatives. Here are some of the available presentation software packages -- and -- the best part is that they are all free!

OpenOffice Impress

PowerPoint alternative - OpenOffice Impress
PowerPoint alternative - OpenOffice Impress; screen shot courtesy OpenOffice.org

OpenOffice Impress is a presentation software program that is part of a suite of programs from OpenOffice.org, available as a free download.

Open Office Impress is one of the simplest computer programs to learn. If you are at all familiar with Microsoft PowerPoint, then you will be right at home with this program. Anyone can create stunning presentations that look like they were designed by a professional. An added bonus is that you can open and use presentations that you have already created previously in PowerPoint.


PowerPoint alternative - SlideRocket
PowerPoint alternative - SlideRocket; screen shot courtesy SlideRocket

SlideRocket is an online presentation software that allows audiences to interact with presentations in real time.  You you can work on SlideRocketanywhere there is an internet connection. Embedding video and audio is a breeze. Work collaboratively with colleagues to provide the best presentation possible. You can import from/export to PowerPoint, create PDF files or export your presentation in a format that can be viewed on any computer.

The free Lite version of this program offers the most commonly used features.


PowerPoint alternative Brainshark Presentation Software
PowerPoint alternative - Brainshark; screen shot courtesy Brainshark

Brainshark is an online and mobile video presentation software providing capabilities for live or on-demand viewing. The cloud-based program is accessible by computer or "on-the-go" by smartphone or tablets.


PowerPoint alternative - Prezi
PowerPoint alternative - Prezi; screen shot courtesy Prezi

Prezi is an online presentation software. It uses a single canvas to create a presentation or tell a story. Prezi replaces the use of the traditional individual slides, by using a visual map to zoom in to various spots on the canvas. The order of the content can be controlled by the presenter or set up so that the viewer chooses the path of information. Presentations are created in a browser window and can be presented over the internet or downloaded so that no internet connection is needed.

Update - July 17, 2012 - New 3D and Fade-In Animations feature launched.

Sign up for the free version of this program which gives you up to 100 MB of online storage space. Other paid versions are also available.

Adobe Acrobat.com Presentations

Acrobat.com Presentations - PowerPoint alternative
PowerPoint alternative - Acrobat.com Presentations; Screen shot courtesy Adobe Labs

Anyone with an internet connection can sign up for a free account to use Acrobat.com Presentations. The only other requirement is to have Flash Player 10 installed on your computer.

Presentations allows you to quickly and easily create a classy presentation. There are of course, limitations to this software, but those limitations are for features that are often misused by presenters (in my opinion). In particular, I'm referring to animations and sounds, which are non-existant in this software (and I see no reason at all to add them).

Google Presentations

Google Presentations - PowerPoint alternative
PowerPoint alternative - Google Presentations; © Wendy Russell

Google Presentations offers the ability to collaborate live with colleagues on creating and editing a presentation. You simply share your file by listing the email addresses of those parties, and you assign them permissions to act as collaborators or limit the permissions to viewing only. All in all, if you want to make a very simple presentation on the fly, Google Presentations might work out to be a great tool for you.

If Google Presentations hopes to rival PowerPoint as the presentation tool of choice it is a lofty goal, to be sure, and they still have a long way to go.

Video Tutorial - How to Use Google Presentations

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