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Use presentation software effectively. Here are lots of tips for getting the most out of PowerPoint and other presentation software. Learn how to create and deliver presentations that will keep your audience interested.
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Tips for Any Presentation

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Presentations are not just limited to the business world. Presentations are made daily in classrooms around the world and let's not forget those vacation pictures. Make a digital photo album of that cruise or your daughter's wedding.

Business Presentation Tips

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We have all sat through boring and endless presentations. Don't be the presenter that everyone wants to avoid. Use these tips to create and deliver effective and successful presentations to a crowd of any age.

Presentation Mistakes

Avoid these predictable presentation mistakes when creating or delivering your presentation.

Sound in PowerPoint

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Add sounds, music or narration to PowerPoint presentations. Sounds can start immediately or timings can be set so that music will play over a number of slides. Play a CD track to accompany your PowerPoint presentation.

Photos and Graphic Objects

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There is a reason someone came up with that phrase "a picture is worth a thousand words". Don't bore your audience with lots of text-only slides. Use a graphic instead to make your point hit the mark.

Fonts in PowerPoint

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All about using fonts in PowerPoint -- from choosing the right one for the job to the little problems that arise.

Hardware / Equipment

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Creating the presentation is just the beginning. The next step is making sure you have the right tools to make the presentation digitally.

Templates / Add-ins

Free templates for business, education and special occasions to download and use in your presentations.


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Book reviews on using PowerPoint, and making business and classroom presentations. Reviews of other teaching resource manuals and instructional books about making presentations and using presentation software. Software reviews of presentation software.

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