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12 Tips About PowerPoint Slide Shows

A Dozen PowerPoint Slide Show Tips


Once the presentation is complete it is now time for the PowerPoint show. PowerPoint show files are different than the working presentation files. These twelve tips will help you make the most out of your PowerPoint shows.

1. PowerPoint Shows in Widescreen

Widescreen in PowerPoint can have its advantages
Image © Wendy Russell
Widescreen format is the norm in movies today and widescreen has become the most popular choice for new laptops. It only follows that PowerPoint presentations are now being created in widescreen format too.

2. How Do You Edit a PowerPoint Show File?

Edit a PowerPoint show file
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Sometimes, you want to make a few subtle changes to the finished product, but all you have received from your colleague is the myshow.pps file. When you double click on the filename, it opens up as a PowerPoint show. How do you edit it?

3. All About Custom PowerPoint Shows

Create a custom show in PowerPoint
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Make a custom show to target a select group a people. Not everyone needs to see all the slides that you prepared for Mr. Bigwig. A custom PowerPoint show allows you present information on a "need to know" basis.

4. Resume Your PowerPoint Show After a Pause

Resume a PowerPoint show after a pause
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At times, it is necessary to stop the presentation and resume after a short break. If the PowerPoint show is not completed, how can you, as the presenter, do other things during the break and then resume the slide show at the same slide that was on screen before the break, without starting the presentation all over again?

5. Access a Shortcut Menu of Options During a PowerPoint Show

Right click during PowerPoint slide show to see shortcut menu
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Presenters can control slide shows in progress by accessing a shortcut menu.

6. Save Sounds That are Embedded in PowerPoint Slide Shows

Save sounds embedded in PowerPoint slide shows
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A question from a reader - "If I receive a PowerPoint presentation that is already in the slide show format, how can I retrieve the music or sound files since they are embedded in the presentation?"

7. How Do You Print Slides in a PowerPoint Show File?

Print a PowerPoint show file
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PowerPoint show files are emailed everyday around the world. Often they contain inspirational messages or just beautiful pictures. Clicking on the attached link, or if you have saved the file to your computer and then double click on the file icon, opens the show automatically. How then, can you print out the contents of the presentation?

8. PowerPoint Slide Show View in Quarter Screen

Quarter screen view of the PowerPoint slide show
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Use a quarter screen view to see how your slide show looks, including all the effects such as animations and transitions, while you work on it at the same time.

9. Use the Dim Text Feature in PowerPoint Slide Shows

Dim text on bullet points in PowerPoint shows
Screen shot © Wendy Russell
The Dim Text feature is an effect you can add to bullet points in your PowerPoint shows. This causes the text of your previous point to effectively fade into the background, while still being visible. The current point you want to speak about remains front and center.

10. Seamlessly Start Another Presenter's Slide Show

Seamlessly start another presenter's slide show
Image © Wendy Russell
How can you keep the flow going from one presenter to the next, without losing the audience's attention?

11. End PowerPoint Slide Shows with a Black Slide

PowerPoint 2007 Options dialog box - End with black slide
Screen shot © Wendy Russell
How often have you been in the audience for a PowerPoint slide show and suddenly it was over? No indication that the end was here. Just last slide and it's done. Let your audience know that the slide show is over by simply ending it with a black slide.

12. Use Portrait and Landscape Slides in Your PowerPoint Show

Portrait and landscape slides in PowerPoint shows
Image © Wendy Russell
A reader asks - "I need to use some slides that are in the portrait orientation in my presentation as well as landscape orientation slides. I know that the default slide orientation in PowerPoint is landscape. Is it possible to use both layouts in the same presentation?"
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