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A Black and White to Color Photo Trick in PowerPoint


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Change Picture from Black and White to Color During the Slide Show
Duplicate photo slide in PowerPoint

Duplicate photo slide in PowerPoint

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Remember Dorothy's Visit to Oz?

Most people have seen the movie The Wizard of Oz. Do you remember that the movie began in black and white and once Dorothy stepped out of her house in Oz, everything was in glorious color? Well you too, can achieve this effect in your PowerPoint presentations.

The sample on Page 6 of this tutorial, will show you the effect of changing a picture from black and white to color using transitions.

Note - For a different method of changing a black and white photo to color as you watch, see this tutorial, which uses animations instead of transitions.
Black and White to Color Photo Animations in PowerPoint

Use Transitions to Change Black and White Photos to Color

  1. Choose Insert > Picture > From File
  2. Locate the picture on your computer and click the OK button to insert it.
  3. Resize the picture if necessary, on the slide.
  4. Choose Insert > Duplicate Slide to duplicate this complete slide. Both slides should now show in the Outline / Slides pane on the left slide of the screen.
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