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8 Workarounds to Solve Problems with PowerPoint

Fix PowerPoint Problems with These Workarounds


Back when PowerPoint was just an idea, it was planned as a software for enhancing business presentations. But, over the years users have come up with great ways to use presentation software for other reasons. However, Microsoft still does not address some of these other uses for PowerPoint -- hence the need for a workaround to achieve the goal of your presentation.

So, in no particular order, here are some workarounds I have successfully used to solve a specific problem with PowerPoint.

1. Why Doesn't the Music Play in My PowerPoint Presentation?

Music problem in PowerPoint
Music problem in PowerPoint © Stockbyte/Getty Images

The scenario:
Have you ever emailed your presentation to a friend or colleague -- the one with the music synced to the movement of the slide show? Then when you asked how it sounded, the friend tells you that they never heard any of the music. What's up with that? It worked just great on your computer.

2. Why Won't the Sound Play on a PowerPoint Slide When it is Redisplayed?

Music won't play on PowerPoint slide
Music won't play on PowerPoint slide © Wendy Russell

The scenario:
You had some great music attached to a specific slide that really drove your point home. At the end of the presentation, there were questions from the audience about the topic of the slide, so you returned to the slide in the presentation. The only issue was that the music did not play again and it really makes a difference. Why will the music not play a second time?

A side note - Do you get the idea that audio of any sort can be a problem with PowerPoint? Just saying.

3. Is it Possible to Use Portrait and Landscape Slides in the Same Presentation?

Portrait or landscape slides in PowerPoint
Portrait or landscape slides in PowerPoint © Wendy Russell

The scenario:
Let's say you are a professional photographer and you take oodles of pictures for your client. You then want to use PowerPoint to show off your expertise. However, some of your pictures are taken in landscape format -- (the usual layout for a slide in PowerPoint) -- but you have many pictures that would look best in a portrait orientation. How do you go about using both of these slide layouts in the same presentation?

4. Wrap Text Around an Irregular Picture on PowerPoint 2010 Slide

Wrap the text around a picture in Microsoft Word
Wrap the text around a picture © Wendy Russell

The scenario:
Going against my usual advice to have limited text on slides, there are times when you might use PowerPoint for a reason other than a standard business presentation and this slide show will be containing pictures that need an annotation. Enter text wrapping. This would be one of those tasks that Microsoft did not intend to be done in presentation software and so, it is not a feature of PowerPoint -- wrapping text around a picture.

5. Why Can't I Embed a YouTube Video in PowerPoint 2010?

YouTube video problem in PowerPoint
YouTube video problem in PowerPoint © Wendy Russell

The scenario:
You have successfully embedded YouTube videos in your presentations in the past. Today though -- (and now that you think about it, this happened last week too) -- for some reason, PowerPoint won't let you embed the video this time. What happened since the last time you did this job with no problems?

6. Create Word Handouts From PowerPoint With Smaller File Size

Smaller file size
Smaller file size © D-Base/Getty Images

The scenario:
You like the slick way you can create handouts for the audience by converting your PowerPoint slides to a Microsoft Word document. However, sometimes the resultant file size is huge. Is there a way to avoid this?

7. Pros and Cons When Converting PowerPoint to Word Handouts

Convert PowerPoint presentations to Word
Convert PowerPoint presentations to Word © Wendy Russell

The scenario:
At just about any presentation, the audience is supplied with a handout, either at the beginning or the end of the event, depending on how the presenter wants to handle things.

You can easily print handouts directly from PowerPoint, but many presenters prefer to use a conversion from PowerPoint to Word. However, there are pros and cons for that conversion. This article will help you make the best choice.

8. Seamlessly Start a Second Presentation

Start second presentation
Start second presentation © Digital Vision/Getty Images

The scenario:
You are the second presenter on the docket for the day. But, your presentation is a wonderful follow-up for the first presenter. You two would like to work together to make the best presentation you can, without needlessly fumbling around when it comes to start up the second presentation. Well, the good news, with a few simple clicks of your mouse, you will have solved this dilemma.

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