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Advanced Features and Fun Stuff in PowerPoint and Other Presentation Software


Moving on to advanced tasks in PowerPoint and other presentation software. Learn how to make and edit master slides, create design templates, automate slide shows with timings, rehearse timings, prepare presentations for viewing on another computer and to move or copy slides between presentations.
  1. Photos and Graphics
  2. Animate Your Presentations
  3. Music, Narration and Timing Your Presentations
  4. Printing Options in PowerPoint
  1. Macros, Master Slides and Web Pages
  2. Make Your Presentations Portable
  3. Just for Fun

Photos and Graphics

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Let's face it. A digital presentation is a visual thing. Photos and graphics have an impact on an audience. Hold the audience's interest by making your presentations more visually appealing.

Animate Your Presentations

Enhancing your presentations is the fun part of the creation process. Jazz up your presentations by animating objects.

Music, Narration and Timing Your Presentations

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Did you know that you can embed music or play ambient sounds in the background while your presentation advances all on its own? Narrations can also be added to the presentation so that your message is there even if you can't be.

Printing Options in PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint offers several ways to print slides including whole slides, notes for the speaker, or handouts for the audience. Hide background graphics when printing. Print your handouts in Word.

Macros, Master Slides and Web Pages

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Automate repetitive tasks by creating a PowerPoint macro. Customize the design template you use for your presentation to save time and money. Save your presentation as a Web page for the company Web site or to email a smaller sized presentation. You can even create a complete Web site using PowerPoint.

Make Your Presentations Portable

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What happens when you need to run your PowerPoint presentation somewhere other than your office? The answer - pack it up, including the PowerPoint Viewer and all the "bells and whistles".

Just for Fun

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Presentation software is not all about work. Sometimes you want to be creative just for fun. Jazz up your presentations by adding rolling credits, some flash animation, or make an interactive quiz.

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