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Create Custom Design Templates and Master Slides in PowerPoint 2003


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Creating a Custom Design Template in PowerPoint
Edit the PowerPoint slide master

Edit the PowerPoint slide master

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Within PowerPoint, there are a number of Design Templates containing a variety of layouts, formatting, and colors to assist you in creating eye catching presentations. You may wish, however, to create your own template so that certain features, such as a preset background, your organization’s logo or company colors are always present whenever the template is opened. These templates are called Master Slides.

There are four different Master Slides -

  • Slide Master - for all slides in the presentation other than the Title Master
  • Title Slide Master - the master for the Title page only
  • Notes Master - the master for creating the Notes pages
  • Handout Master - the master for creating Handout pages

To Create a New Template

  1. Select File > Open on the menu to open a blank presentation.
  2. Select View > Master > Slide Master to open the Slide Master for editing.

To Change the Background

  1. Select Format > Background to open the Background dialog box.
  2. Choose your options from the dialog box.
  3. Click the Apply button.

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