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Modify Animation Effects in PowerPoint 2010


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Automate Your PowerPoint Presentations With Timings
Timing options for PowerPoint 2010 animation effects

Timing options for PowerPoint 2010 animation effects

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Automate Your Presentations

Timings are settings that allow you to automate your PowerPoint presentation. You may choose to change one, none or several of these options.

  • Start - Choose to start on the click of the mouse, or with/after the previous animation or transition.

  • Delay - Set a number of seconds to delay the start of the animation after the previous movement.

  • Duration - What speed do you want the animation to appear? -- very fast, medium or slow are some of the choices.

  • Repeat - Choose the number of times you wish the animation to repeat before proceeding.

  • Rewind when done playing - The animation effect will begin again after playing.

  • Triggers - This option can be chosen for the animation to start only when a specific event takes place.

In the Timing dialog box you can also modify settings previously set.

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