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Design Themes in PowerPoint 2010


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Test Out a Design Theme for Your PowerPoint 2010 Presentation
Choose a PowerPoint 2010 design theme

Choose a PowerPoint 2010 design theme

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Coordinate Your PowerPoint Presentation With Design Themes

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Design themes were first introduced in PowerPoint 2007. They work in a similar way as the design templates in earlier versions of PowerPoint. A really nice feature of the design themes, is that you can immediately see the effect reflected on your slides, before making your decision.

Apply a Design Theme

  1. Click on the Design tab of the ribbon.
  2. Hover your mouse over any of the design theme icons shown.
  3. The design is reflected immediately on your slide, so you can see how it will look if you apply this design theme to your presentation.
  4. Click the design theme icon when you find one that suits your needs. This will apply that theme to your presentation.

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