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Create a PowerPoint Picture Background


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Add Transparency Percentage to PowerPoint Picture Background
Transparent picture as a background for PowerPoint slides

Transparent picture as a background for PowerPoint slides

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Make the Picture Background Transparent

Unless this presentation is designed as a photo album, the picture will be distracting to the audience if other information is present on the slide.

Again, use the format background feature to add a transparency to the slide.

  1. In the Format Background... dialog box, after selecting the picture to be applied as the slide background, look to the bottom of the dialog box.

  2. Notice the Transparency section.

  3. Move the Transparency slider to the desired transparency percentage, or simply type the percentage amount in the text box. As you move the slider, you will see the transparency preview of the photograph.

  4. When you have made the transparency percentage choice, click the Close button to apply the change.
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