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Add Clip Art and Pictures to PowerPoint 2007 Slides


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Search for Specific Clip Art
Search for clip art in PowerPoint 2007

Search for clip art in PowerPoint 2007

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Using the Search Feature

Clicking on the clip art icon activates PowerPoint 2007's clip art gallery. Type your search term(s) in the Search for - box and then click on the Go button. When the samples appear, scroll through the thumbnail images. When you have made your choice either double click on the image or click once to select the image and then click the OK button.


  1. If you did not install the Clip Art Gallery when you installed PowerPoint 2007 to your computer, you will need to be connected to the internet in order for PowerPoint to search the Microsoft Web site for the clip art.

  2. You are not limited to using clip art from Microsoft. Any clip art can be used, but if it is from another source, it must first be saved to your computer as a file. Then you would insert this clip art as if it was a picture. This is convered in Step 5 of this tutorial. Here is a site for clip art designed specifically for the web.
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