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PowerPoint 101: How to Use PowerPoint

Learn how to use PowerPoint. If you are new to Microsoft PowerPoint, you will find all the basics you need to know right here, to create effective and professional looking presentations. Free Step by step PowerPoint tutorials on how to use PowerPoint and tips take you through making a presentation effortlessly.
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Beginner's Guides to Using Presentation Software
Presentations are created and given each and every day around the globe, and number in the tens of millions. If this will be your first presentation, these Beginner's Guides will teach you the basics of how to use presentation software. If this is your fortieth presentation, you probably will still find some useful tips and tricks that you did...

What is Presentation Software?
Find out what exactly is defined as presentation software.

What is PowerPoint? - Why Would I Want to Use PowerPoint?
Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation software program that is part of the Microsoft Office package. Great tool for business, classrooms and personal use.

Your First PowerPoint Presentation
With every skill you mastered, you were a beginner once. Learning how to use PowerPoint is no different. Everyone has to start at the beginning, and luckily for you, PowerPoint is a really easy software to learn. Let's get started.

Free Email Courses for PowerPoint Users
Whether you are a beginner or want to learn more about PowerPoint, these free email courses are for you. Daily or weekly eCourses.

Free PowerPoint Alternatives
Here are some of the available presentation software packages (in no particular order) -- and -- the best part is that they are all free!

Terms of Use - Presentation Software Free Downloads
Frequently asked questions about terms of use for the free downloads of files, templates, images offered on the About.com Presentation Software Web site.

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