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Add Words to PowerPoint Dictionary


How to Add Words to PowerPoint Dictionary
Right click and add a word to the PowerPoint dictionary

Right click and add a word to the PowerPoint dictionary

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Add Unusually Spelled Words to the PowerPoint Dictionary

PowerPoint uses the same dictionary that is common to all Microsoft Office programs. That dictionary contains words that are common and in general use. However, sometimes your presentation needs to show a certain word that is not in the common dictionary, and you would prefer that it not show that unsightly, wavy, red line each time that word is used. In most cases, that word or words might be names of people, companies or countries -- all with unusual spellings.

The process is simple, quick and the word will become part of the common dictionary permanently. This feature will also cross over to other Microsoft Office programs, such as Word or Excel, so that you do not need to repeat this process in those programs as well.

Steps to Add a Word to the PowerPoint Dictionary

  1. On the slide, hover the mouse over the word underlined with the wavy, red line.
  2. Right click on the mouse button.
  3. With the left mouse button, choose the option Add to Dictionary from the shortcut menu that appears.
  4. The unsightly, red, wavy line will disappear from the slide. All future uses of this word will never again be underlined as this word is now part of the current Microsoft Office dictionary.

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