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PowerPoint 2010 Spell Check Feature


Make Corrections Using PowerPoint 2010 Spell Check Feature
Click on the PowerPoint Spell check button

Click on the PowerPoint Spelling button

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Make Corrections Using PowerPoint 2010 Spell Check Feature

A recent comment/question from a reader:

I am a terrible speller. This is probably because I rely so much on my Blackberry these days, that I continue to use all the short IM language in my everyday working life. This is not great for a business. I rely heavily on spell check and for the life of me, I cannot find it in this new PowerPoint 2010 version. Where did they hide it?

"Hide in plain sight" seems to be a motto for Microsoft since they released PowerPoint 2007. Ah, for the old days ... when we always knew that a function would be in the same place. But, I digress.

In PowerPoint versions 2007 and 2010, the spell check feature is located at the left end of the Review tab of the ribbon.

  1. Press the Spelling button (or the shortcut key F7). This will check the spelling of the complete presentation, not simply the slide that you are currently viewing.
  2. Make your changes as required.

Note - Don't make the mistake of many novice presenters (and writers in general). Your spelling might be perfect, but the word could be incorrect. If you spelled "white" correctly, but if you really meant "write", having the correct spelling is not going to impress your audience. Always, proof read your final presentation.

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