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What is OpenOffice Impress?


Question: What is OpenOffice Impress?

An Overview of Open Office Impress

OpenOffice Impress is a presentation software program that is part of a suite of programs from OpenOffice.org, available as a free download.

OpenOffice Impress uses a graphical approach to presentations in the form of slide shows that accompany the oral delivery of the topic. This program can be effectively used in business and classrooms.

Open Office Impress is one of the simplest computer programs to learn. If you are at all familiar with Microsoft PowerPoint, then you will be right at home with this program. Anyone can create stunning presentations that look like they were designed by a professional. An added bonus is that you can open and use presentations that you have already created previously in PowerPoint.

If you are in the sales field, it involves just a few simple clicks to add an illustrative chart of data ,or an organizational chart of your company's structure.

Your presentation can be saved in a variety of forms including a PowerPoint format, as a PDF file for printing or emailing purposes, or in HTML format to post on a Web site.

Extensions are available to download directly from the OpenOffice.org site to enhance this presentation tool.

All in all, OpenOffice Impress is a "one-stop-shop" to create successful presentations for the business world, the classroom or just for your own personal use.

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