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Windows Movie Maker Problems with Playing Several Movies

Play Consecutive Movies in Windows Movie Maker


Save the Windows Movie Maker project as a movie

Save the Windows Movie Maker project as a movie

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A reader recently asked for a solution to the following Windows Movie Maker problem.

I have "created 3 "projects" with still photos in each. Each is in effect a slide show and each is 7 minutes max. I want to burn them to one dvd disk so that they play consecutively. But first, my burner will not put them on one dvd. It will only accept one project per disk. Secondly, I don't know how to make them play consecutively as such: project 1 ... project 2... project 3... and no loop/restart. Can you help?"

Windows Movie Maker is a great little program for creating a simple movie of still photos and/or other videos that you have already created. I suggested the following solution to this reader's problem and he reported back that it was a success.

  1. Open the first Windows Movie Maker project file -- (it will have a file extension of .WSWMM). The project file is the working file that allows you to continue to edit.

  2. Save your completed work as a movie rather than as a project. This process will embed all photos, music and effects into the final file, which you will not be able to edit. It will have a file extension of .WMA

  3. Repeat these steps for each of the remaining projects so that you have three new movie files saved, each with a file extension of .WMA.

  4. Start a new Windows Movie Maker project file.

  5. Import each of these three new .WMA movie files into this new project. Place them one after the other on the timeline.

  6. Preview the final movie and then save this new project as a movie file, following the same process as above.

Your final movie file will play all three projects as if they were one movie. You can then burn this movie to a CD or a DVD.

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