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Windows Movie Maker Free and Easy Tutorials and Tips

Free Windows Movie Maker tutorials - Windows Movie Maker is easy to use with powerful results. Great for business presentations, school projects or making a simple family photo album.
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What is Windows Movie Maker?
Windows Movie Maker is a fun and easy to use video editing program that allows you to make home movies, automated photo albums and business presentations.

7 Part Tutorial Series - Getting Started in Windows Movie Maker
Learn how to use Windows Movie Maker. This series of free Windows Movie Maker tutorials for beginners, takes you through all the steps on how to use Windows Movie Maker.

Windows Movie Maker For Absolute Beginners - Free eCourse
Free online lessons for learning Windows Movie Maker. If you are an absolute beginner, or just need to brush up on a few tasks, this is for you.

Common Terms Used in Windows Movie Maker
Here is a quick list of the most common terms used in Windows Movie Maker. A great tool for those new to movie making.

First Steps in Windows Movie Maker
Windows Movie Maker for Beginners. This free Windows Movie Maker tutorial shows an overview of the opening screen and how to import still pictures.

What Happened to My Pictures in My Windows Movie Maker Project File?
Why don't the pictures show in Windows Movie Maker project file?

Video Disappears from Windows Movie Maker Project
The videos in my Windows Movie Maker project have disappeared and been replaced by yellow triangles with exclamation marks. What happened?

Import Video Clips into Windows Movie Maker
Free Windows Movie Maker tutorial on how to import video clips into Windows Movie Maker.

Edit Video Clips in Windows Movie Maker
Edit video clips in Windows Movie Maker. Trim clips or delete whole portions of video clips.

How Can I Make Changes to a Completed Movie in Windows Movie Maker?
How can I make changes to a completed movie in Windows Movie Maker?

Adding Music and Sounds
This free Windows Movie Maker tutorial shows you how to add a simple sound effect or a whole musical piece your movie.

Add Narration to Your Movies
Narration can be added easily to Windows Movie Maker movies, in addition to or instead of music or sounds. This free Windows Movie Maker tutorial will show you how to add narration to your movie.

Adding Video Transitions And Video Effects
This Windows Movie Maker Tutorial shows you how to add video transitions and video effects to enhance your movie with visual interest.

Adding Titles and Credits
Add titles and credits to your movies in this Windows Movie Maker Tutorial.

Windows Movie Maker Problems with Playing Several Movies
Windows Movie Maker problem. Help for Windows Moviemaker problems with playing consecutive movies.

Windows Movie Maker Lesson Plan - Ergonomic Computer Workstation Setup
This business lesson plan on an ergonomic computer workstation setup for home or office, is suitable for grades 6 and up. Integrate technology into the classroom when students follow step by step tutorials to use Windows Movie Maker to show their findings. Students in younger grades can utilize the information for an ergonomic computer setup in...

Graduation Presentations Using Windows Movie Maker
Make a winning graduation presentation using Windows Movie Maker. These tips will help you to make the best graduation presentation ever.

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