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Planning a PowerPoint Presentation
Title Slide Layout in PowerPoint

Title Slide Layout

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Planning a PowerPoint presentation is an important step before creating it. Planning helps you decide on the content and the order in which the slides will be presented. Use the following steps as a guide in planning your presentation.

  1. Determine the Purpose of the Presentation
    • In this case, it is a presentation on cloud types.

  2. Determine the Presentation’s Audience
    • A presentation for young children should be shorter in length, use more images and pictures, and use simpler words and phrases than one for adults. It is not uncommon to have two or more versions of a presentation if it will be shown to different audiences.

  3. Gather Your Information
    • A slide show should cover only the most important points about a topic. It is meant to enhance your overall presentation. As the presenter, you are the focal point so you need to know the information in order to give all the necesssary facts and details to your audience.

  4. Sketch Out the Slides on Paper
    • Make sure the slides emphasize the main points to be made in the presentation. Try to have only one main idea on each slide.

  5. Determine the Order Of Your Slides
    • Although this can be changed later, having a rough idea of the order of your topic points, will help you plan the order of your slides.

  6. Create the Presentation
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