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Make Changes to the Slide Master
Font changes to the PowerPoint Slide Master

Font changes to the PowerPoint Slide Master

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Other Changes to the Slide Master

Once you have replaced the font type you will need to make other changes to the slide master.

Decrease the font size in the Title placeholder to approximately 18 pt, on the Slide Master. You may wish to change the font color as well, but make sure there is good contrast to the page.

Decrease the font size of the text to approximately 12 pt in the bulleted list placeholder.

Note - Since we are using PowerPoint to create a Web site, the basic rules of font size in PowerPoint, do not apply. The fonts will all be smaller than in an ordinary PowerPoint presentation, so that pages will look like the Web pages on any other Web site. We will also be keeping the background color white, to give a more professional look to the Web site.
For this tutorial, you need to reduce the size of the bulleted list placeholder.
  1. Click on the border of the bulleted list text box.

  2. Hover your mouse over one of the selection handles on the side until a double headed arrow appears. This is a resize handle.

  3. Drag the resize handle to the left to make a skinny text box, as shown in the illustration above.

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