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Teaching Resources for PowerPoint and other Presentation Software

Look here for teaching resources for PowerPoint and other presentation software such as Windows Movie Maker. These tutorials include step by step examples of using these teaching resources for PowerPoint, Windows Movie Maker, and OpenOffice Impress.
  1. PowerPoint Lesson Plans (37)
  2. Movie Maker Lesson Plans (9)
  3. PowerPoint Charts
  4. Glossary
  5. Printing in PowerPoint
  6. Whiteboards

Technology in the Classroom
Elementary and Secondary School lessons using multimedia. Make it fun to learn in your classroom

Seasonal Story Writing Templates Using PowerPoint
Write seasonal stories using PowerPoint story writing templates.

9 Tips for Students - Classroom Presentations Worthy of an "A"
Make classroom presentations worthy of an "A". Students of all ages can create multimedia presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint. Teach students how, using these online tutorials and tips. Integrate technology easily, into your classroom.

What is Presentation Software?
Presentation software is a great tool for the education sector.

4 Beginner's Guides to Creating Presentations
PowerPoint and Windows Movie Maker 101. Learn how to use PowerPoint and Windows Movie Maker. Use these Beginner's Guides to create presentations in PowerPoint 2007, earlier versions of PowerPoint or Windows Movie Maker

Video - Steps to Make a PowerPoint Presentation
From the boardroom to the classroom, PowerPoint is an effective tool in creating dynamic presentations and demonstrations. Get started in PowerPoint with this tutorial.

Lesson Plans Using PowerPoint and Windows Movie Maker
Multimedia lesson plans using PowerPoint or Windows Movie Maker help teachers to integrate technology into the classroom. The lesson plans are fun and kids love the new skills they learn.

10 Most Common Presentation Mistakes
Identify and avoid this common presentation mistakes.

Presentation Tips for a Winning Presentation
Avoid common presenter mistakes. Learn how to make an effective and successful presentation.

Who is Your Audience? Did You Bother to Check?
Is this presentation for other students or perhaps a prospective employer?

4 Parts of a Successful Presentation
Learn the four main parts of a successful presentation.

PowerPoint Presentations - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
The good, bad and ugly features of PowerPoint presentations.

Add an Excel Chart to Your PowerPoint Presentation
Use Excel charts in your presentations.

Video - Create a Family Tree Using PowerPoint
Create a family tree using PowerPoint. Personalize and share your family history and ancestry by creating a family tree using the organization chart in PowerPoint.

Develop Story Writing Skills Using PowerPoint
PowerPoint story templates are fun ways to help students develop writing and story telling skills while learning how to use PowerPoint at the same time. Integrate literacy and technology into the classroom.

PowerPoint Story Templates
PowerPoint story templates are wonderful tools to integrate literacy and technology into the classroom.

Make a Family Tree - Use PowerPoint's Organization Chart
Use PowerPoint's Organization Chart to create a simple family tree.

PowerPoint Template - Multiple Choice Quizzes
PowerPoint template for a multiple choice quiz. This pictorial step by step tutorial shows you how the PowerPoint template can be modified to suit your needs for any multiple choice quiz.

PowerPoint Template Text Instructions - Multiple Choice Quiz
Text instructions for using my PowerPoint template for a multiple choice quiz. The template can be modified to suit your needs for any multiple choice quiz or a true and false quiz.

Presentations Strategies for Learning Disabled Kids
Presenting before a group causes jitters for most of us. Students with learning disabilities are no exception. Regardless of your child’s specific type of learning disability, here are some tips to help her create and deliver a terrific presentation for school.

Create Classroom Games and Quizzes Using Invisible Hyperlinks
Invisible hyperlinks, also known as invisible buttons, make it easy to create classroom games or quizzes in PowerPoint. By clicking on an object on the slide, the viewer is sent to a response slide. Great for multiple choice quizzes or "What is?" types of questions for younger children. A great teaching resource tool and an easy way to...

Optimize Photos to Use in Presentations
Optimize your photos before you use them in PowerPoint or Windows Movie Maker presentations. Microsoft Office Picture Manager is a quick and easy tool to use to optimize photos.

How to Lose an Audience in 10 Easy Ways
How to lose an audience in 10 easy ways. Presentation tips using PowerPoint.

Graduation Presentations Using Windows Movie Maker
Make a winning graduation presentation using Windows Movie Maker. These tips will help you to make the best graduation presentation ever.

10 Tips Away from a Very Special Graduation Presentation
Make a winning graduation presentation using PowerPoint. These 10 tips will help you to make the best graduation presentation ever.

Ideas for Using PowerPoint in the Classroom
A variety of ideas for using PowerPoint in the classroom -- either as activities or for teaching concepts.

Jeopardy Games Created by Teachers

Download Free Powerpoint Jeopardy Template
Lots of PowerPoint presentations made in the style of the television game show Jeopardy covering many different curriculum areas in a variety of grade levels.

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