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Presentation Software: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
How to Save PowerPoint Slides as Pictures
PowerPoint slides can be easily converted to pictures in formats such as JPG, GIF, BMP, TIFF or PNG.
What is Microsoft PowerPoint?
Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation software program that is part of Microsoft Office and is a great tool for business, classrooms, and personal use.
Why Should You Convert a PowerPoint Presentatio...
Converting PowerPoint presentations to Word is an easy process. A few clicks and your PowerPoint presentation is converted to a Word document, ready for printing handouts.
How to Replace All the Fonts in Your Presentation
Replace fonts in PowerPoint in one step with a global change.
What is a PowerPoint Presentation?
Definition to a PowerPoint presentation.
Copying a PowerPoint Design Template to Another...
Sometimes it is quicker to copy a design template that is applied to another presentation than to find it in the list of PowerPoint design templates.
How to Create an Unforgettable Business...
Creating effective and successful business presentations takes a little practice, but these 10 tips should help you get well on the way to being a successful presenter in the business world.
An Easy Guide to Using Slide Layouts in...
There are many different types of slide layouts to use in a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. Your choice of slide layout will depend on the type of content you wish to display on each slide in your PowerPoint presentation.
How to Add a Degree Symbol to Power Point Slides
Two different methods to insert a degree symbol on a PowerPoint slide.
How to Easily Make Custom Design Templates and...
Edit the slide master to create a custom design template. Design templates are created by applying formatting choices to the Slide Master and Title Master and saving the PowerPoint presentation as a template file.
10 Font Tips for Powerpoint That Every...
These font tips will help you make a better PowerPoint presentation. Fonts are key factors in your PowerPoint presentations.
Are You Making One of These Common Presentation...
This article will help you identify the ten most common presentation mistakes. Are you guilty of one or more of these?
Ready to Learn to Use PowerPoint?
Learn how to change backgrounds, fonts, add transitions and animations, use design templates and more on Powerpoint 2010.
7 Ways to Enhance Your PowerPoint Presentation...
Download YouTube videos to use in PowerPoint. Link to live YouTube videos in PowerPoint or embed YouTube videos into PowerPoint presentations.
Slide (or Slides)
A slide is a single page of a presentation created with software such as PowerPoint or OpenOffice Impress. A presentation is composed of several slides.
Change the Case of Text in PowerPoint...
Change the case of completed text in your PowerPoint presentation. Options range from sentence case, uppercase, lowercase, capitalize each word or to toggle the case.
How to Successfully Create Your 1st PowerPoint...
Learning PowerPoint is a fun and easy task. Your first PowerPoint presentation does not have to be an intimidating process. PowerPoint is a very user friendly program and you can create your first PowerPoint presentation in no time.
Want to Make a Family Tree? Here's How with...
Make a simple family tree in PowerPoint. The Organization Chart in Microsoft PowerPoint is primarily used in business to show the company structure. Use it in a fun way to create a family tree template. This is also a great way to integrate technology into your classroom.
The Easy Way to Create New Folders in Windows
Are there any shortcut keys to create a new folder?
9 Presentation Tips for Students
Making effective classroom presentations takes practice, but with a few tips up your sleeve, you are ready to take on the challenge.
Give Better PowerPoint Presentations with These...
Keyboard shortcuts will help you make a PowerPoint presentation on the fly!
What 'Speaker Notes' Are in PowerPoint
Speaker notes are notes added to the presentation slides for a reference for the presenter of the presentation.
Different Ways to View Slides in PowerPoint
This free PowerPoint tutorials shows you the different slide views in PowerPoint. Slides can be viewed in a variety of ways depending on the task at hand.
How to Create a Simple Macro that Resizes and...
Create a simple macro in PowerPoint to automate a tedious task. In this free tutorial, you will create a macro to resize and center photos on PowerPoint slides.
An Easy Guide to Using Windows Movie Maker
This series of free Windows Movie Maker tutorials for beginners, takes you through all the steps on how to use Windows Movie Maker.
What is PPT and where is this term used?
Add Hyperlinks to PowerPoint Presentations
Hyperlinks in PowerPoint allow you to link to another slide, another presentation file, a specific slide in another presentation, a website, any file on your computer or to an email address.
Dim Text to Keep Audience Focus in PowerPoint...
Dim the text of previous bullet points as you focus on the current topic in PowerPoint presentations.
How to Change a Show File to a PowerPoint...
PowerPoint shows have a file extension of .pps, (or .ppsx) and PowerPoint presentation files have a file extension of .ppt (or .pptx).
Why Your Presentation Fonts Keep Changing...
Sometimes the fonts in a PowerPoint presentation change when viewed on a different computer. The good news is there is a quick fix for this.
Guide to PowerPoint Presentations for Memorials...
Create a memorial presentation using PowerPoint.
Master Slide
The Master Slide is the design template used within your presentation. There are four different master slides -- title, notes, handout and slide master.
Understanding the Ribbon in Microsoft PowerPoint
The Ribbon is part of the new user interface of PowerPoint.
How to Copy Slides to Another PowerPoint...
Copy slides from one PowerPoint presentation to another.
How to Print PowerPoint Handouts as PDFs...
How to print PowerPoint handouts in PDF format without showing a date on the printout.
What is Slide Sorter View?
Definition of Slide Sorter View as used in presentation software.
How to Animate Text One Word at a Time in...
PowerPoint text animations have text entry on the slide either as one word at a time or as one letter at a time.
How to Fix Audio Playback Issues in PowerPoint...
The music or sound does not play when I email my PowerPoint presentation. Why does the music or sound not play in a PowerPoint presentation?
Create a Default Presentation Template in...
Create a default presentation template in PowerPoint to suit your own specific needs. This will be the starting, blank template for each new PowerPoint presentation you create.
Use This PowerPoint Template for a Multiple...
Text instructions for using my PowerPoint template for a multiple choice quiz. The template can be modified to suit your needs for any multiple choice quiz or a true and false quiz.
Here's What 'RESOLUTION' Is and How it Works
Resolution is the image created as a result of the number of pixels or dots used. This can be on a computer monitor or a setting on a digital camera.
PowerPoint Template - Multiple Choice Quizzes
PowerPoint template for a multiple choice quiz. This pictorial step by step tutorial shows you how the PowerPoint template can be modified to suit your needs for any multiple choice quiz.
What is a Design Template?
Design templates in Microsoft PowerPoint create a presentation that has a cohesive look. All slides are part of a coordinated package.
Create a Detailed Family Tree Chart in...
Create a detailed family tree chart using PowerPoint 2003 and earlier versions.
Portrait Orientation Slides in PowerPoint...
Change the slides to show them in portrait orientation in PowerPoint.
What is a PowerPoint Placeholder?
Definition of a placeholder in PowerPoint.
10 DOs and DON'Ts for Technical Presentations
Design your technical PowerPoint presentation keeping in mind these DOs and DON'Ts.
Wondering What A "Slide Transition Is? Here's...
Definition of a slide transition as used in presentation software.
10 Ways to Give Better Presentations
Ten quick tips to make you a better presenter. Improve your presentation skills.
The 10 Most Common PowerPoint Terms
Learn about the 10 most common terms used in PowerPoint. Common PowerPoint terms are often confusing to a beginner. Here is a quick list of the 10 most common terms used in PowerPoint and their definitions.
How to Place a Picture Inside a PowerPoint Shape
Insert a picture inside a shape on a PowerPoint slide.
How to Create Perfect Wedding Presentations in...
Create a wedding presentation using PowerPoint.
Make Back to Back Comparisons of Your...
Compare two or more PowerPoint presentations by viewing them on screen at the same time.
PowerPoint - The Ugly
Part 3 - The ugly of PowerPoint presentations. Page 3.
What is Text Wrapping?
The definition of text wrapping, also known as wrapping text, a phrase most often associated with presentation software.
What is a Slide Master in PowerPoint?
The slide master in PowerPoint is a template that contains preset layouts, colors and fonts for PowerPoint presentations.
Want to Extract Audio Files from a PowerPoint...
Sounds are often embedded in PowerPoint slide shows. There is an easy solution to saving sounds that are embedded in PowerPoint slide shows.
What is a Slide Show (or Slideshow)?
Definition of a slide show as used in presentation software.
Can I Use a Higher Image Resolution for...
What is the largest resolution for pictures in a PowerPoint presentation?
How to Add an Excel Chart to a PowerPoint...
Charts can add a little extra punch to your PowerPoint presentation. Any chart created in Excel can be copied and pasted into PowerPoint.
Here's What a 'Shortcut Menu' Is
Definition of a shortcut menu as used in presentation software.
The Key to Creating an Effective Presentation
An effective presentation begins with planning. Before you start making slides, plan out your presentation.
How Do I Change the Default Font in PowerPoint...
It is easy to change the default font in PowerPoint on the fly.
What is Presentation Software?
A brief overview of what is presentation software.
What is an Animation?
Definition of animations as used in presentation software.
What is OpenOffice Impress?
Open Office Impress is a presentation software program that is part of a suite of programs offered free from OpenOffice.org. OpenOffice Impress is a great tool for presentations in business, classrooms, and personal use.
What is a Watermark?
What is a watermark and how is it used in computing software.
How to Get Started with Presentation Software
Learn how to use presentation software including PowerPoint, Windows Movie Maker and Open Office Impress. These Beginner's Guides will teach you the basics of how to use presentation software.
How to Lose an Audience in 10 Easy Ways
Here are 10 bad presentation techniques and their remedies. These corrected presentation techniques can be applied when using any presentation software, including PowerPoint and Windows Movie Maker, OpenOffice Impress and more.
Create a Watermark on PowerPoint Slides
Watermarks are faded pictures. Use watermarks as backgrounds on PowerPoint slides.
How the Outline View Function Works in PowerPoint
Outline View shows all the text of all slides in PowerPoint or OpenOffice Impress presentations. No graphics are shown in Outline view.
12 Critical Tips for Better PowerPoint Slide...
A dozen tips about PowerPoint slide shows. Make the most out of your PowerPoint shows with these twelve tips.
What is a Thumbnail?
Definition of thumbnail as used in presentation software.
What is a Design Theme?
Design themes are used to coordinate your PowerPoint presentation.
Hiding PowerPoint Background Images for Printing
Hide PowerPoint background images on slides to make printed handouts clearer. Hiding background graphics will make text stand out on the slides.
Convert Word Outlines to PowerPoint Presentations
Convert an outline created in Word to a PowerPoint presentation.
Looking for a Free PowerPoint Alternative? Look...
Free software alternatives to PowerPoint. This article contains a list of free alternatives to PowerPoint.
Make Vibrant PowerPoint Slides with These Font...
The best font color suggestions - change fonts to dark fonts on light backgrounds and light fonts on dark backgrounds work best in PowerPoint presentations. Avoid script type font styles on PowerPoint slides.
How to Save YouTube Videos for PowerPoint...
Download YouTube videos to your computer and convert YouTube videos to Flash format to use in your PowerPoint presentations.
All About Slide Transitions in Presentation...
Slide transitions are the visual movements as one slide changes to another. Learn to use slide transitions well to be most effective in your presentations.
What is SmartArt? Definition of SmartArt.
Teach Simple Math Lessons Using PowerPoint
Use PowerPoint as a tool to teach math. Students will learn about basic addition, simple subtraction, basic shapes and the multiplication times tables. This is a great way to integrate technology into the classroom and keep students focused in a fun way.
Select More Than One Slide in PowerPoint
PowerPoint Tip - How to select more than one slide so that you can apply an option such as formatting or animations to more than one slide at a time in Microsoft PowerPoint.
Video Disappears from Windows Movie Maker Project
What happened to my videos in my Windows Movie Maker project? Now all I see are yellow triangles in place of the videos in the timeline.
Slide Layout
The slide layout in PowerPoint and OpenOffice Impress, is the arrangement of all the items that make up your slide, such as title, graphics or text boxes.
Bullets are small dots, squares, dashes or graphics that begin a short descriptive phrase.
Quick Fixes for PowerPoint Sound and Photo...
Quick fixes for sound and photo problems with PowerPoint presentations.
How to End PowerPoint Slideshows with a Black...
End your PowerPoint slide show with a black slide. This indicates to the audience, in a professional way, that the show is over.
7 Easy Tricks to Avoid Oversized PowerPoint Files
What makes a PowerPoint file size too large and how can you reduce the file size?
A macro is a series of commands to automate a repetitive task, are recorded and assigned to a keystroke combination.
This PowerPoint Image Trick Turns Black and...
Add a visual effect by making a picture convert from black and white to color before your eyes in a PowerPoint presentation.
How to Animate PowerPoint Graphics Using...
Add a motion path to a graphic on a PowerPoint slide. Choose the direction and angle of the motion for the animated graphic.
12 Tips for Delivering a Knockout Business...
Creating the business presentation is only the first step. Here are 12 tips for delivering a knockout business presentation. Make sure you get your subject matter across to the audience with these 12 tips for business presentation delivery.
Presentation Checklist
Tips for making better presentations. Presentation checklist.
Add Clip Art and Pictures to PowerPoint Slides
Adding clip art or pictures to PowerPoint slides is a simple matter of a few clicks.
PowerPoint Lesson Plan - Clouds and Weather...
Lesson plan on for creating PowerPoint slide shows about different types of clouds. Students plan the presentation and then use Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 to create the slide show. This lesson plan is suitable for junior (grades 4,5, and 6) and intermediate (grades 7 and 8) students.
Beyond the Basics in PowerPoint - More Advanced...
Use advanced techniques to create effective and interesting PowerPoint presentations. This series of advanced PowerPoint tutorials show you some ways to jazz up your presentations.
Resume Your PowerPoint Show After a Pause
Stop a PowerPoint show, tackle other tasks and then resume the slide show at the same spot.
A Quick Guide to Using Slide Masters in...
The slide master is one of several master slides that are used in PowerPoint to make global changes to all your slides at one time.
Different Methods to Copy Slides in PowerPoint
There are many ways to copy slides in PowerPoint. Reuse slides to save time in a new presentation.
Audience Analysis is an Important Tool for...
Audience analysis is an important key to a successful presentation. Get to know your presentation audience before you begin your presentation.
PowerPoint - The Bad
Bad, or not so user friendly features of PowerPoint. Page 2.
Free PowerPoint Add-ins to Download
Free PowerPoint add-ins to download and install.
Create Classroom Games and Quizzes Using...
Invisible hyperlinks, or hotspots , are areas of the slide, that when clicked, send the viewer to another
Crop Pictures in PowerPoint
Crop your pictures before inserting into PowerPoint to reduce the overall file size.
7 Common Grammar Mistakes to Avoid on...
Presentation skills do not just include the need to be a great speaker. Avoid these common grammar mistakes.
How to Add Audio to a Project in Windows Movie...
This free Windows Movie Maker tutorial shows you how to add a simple sound effect or a whole musical piece your movie.
Should I Embed or Link to a Video in a...
A reader has problems with a video in PowerPoint and so was wondering if it is better to link to a video or embed it into the presentation.
What is a Slide Layout?
The definition of a slide layout as it pertains to presentation software programs such as PowerPoint and OpenOffice Impress.
Free Multimedia Lesson Plans for Classroom Use...
Meet curriculum expectations in elementary and secondary schools using PowerPoint and Windows Movie Maker lesson plans to make learning fun.
Business Presentations for Success
Tips and Tricks for successful and effective business presentations. Create, deliver and enhance business presentations with these tips.
PowerPoint Story Templates Can Help Develop...
PowerPoint story writing templates are fun ways to help students develop writing and story telling skills while learning how to use PowerPoint at the same time. Integrate literacy and technology into the classroom.
What are PowerPoint Animations?
An overview of PowerPoint animations, which can add variety and visual interest to your Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.
PowerPoint Education Templates
Free PowerPoint education templates to use in your classroom. Lots of teaching resources for teachers. PowerPoint educational templates will give you ideas to bring technology into the classroom.
Normal View
Normal View in Microsoft PowerPoint and OpenOffice Impress is the main working window in the presentation. The slide is shown full size on the screen.
PowerPoint Presentations - The Good, The Bad...
The good, bad and ugly features of PowerPoint presentations.
Add Slide Numbers to PowerPoint Slides
Each slide in a PowerPoint presentation can display the slide number.
Nudge Objects to Control Placement on...
Sometimes you want to place a graphic object "just so" on a PowerPoint slide, but as you drag it with
Using the Slide Master in PowerPoint
Use the PowerPoint slide master to make global changes on your slides.
Optimize Photos to Use in Presentations
Optimize photos to use in PowerPoint and Windows Movie Maker presentations. Microsoft Office Picture Manager is a quick and easy tool to use to edit photos.
PowerPoint Story Writing Templates
PowerPoint story writing templates are wonderful tools to integrate literacy and technology into the classroom.
What is a Task Pane?
Different areas of the PowerPoint or OpenOffice Impress screen are known as panes. The Task pane is located on the right of the screen. It changes to display options associated with the current task.
The area on an image map that is used as a hyperlink to another action or location.
Math Lesson - Use PowerPoint to Teach...
PowerPoint Math Lesson - Use PowerPoint to teach subtraction and simple shapes. Page 2.
PowerPoint Slide Show View in Quarter Screen
View your PowerPoint slide show in a quarter screen while you work on it at the same time.
Tips for Solving Common PowerPoint Problems
Answers to some of the most common PowerPoint problems and questions.
How to Create a New Line without Bullet Points...
Working with bullets in PowerPoint can often be frustrating. The default setting for a PowerPoint slide containing bullets, is that each time the ENTER key is pressed, a new bullet appears. Often this is not what you want.
How to Edit Video Clips in Windows Movie Maker
Edit video clips in Windows Movie Maker. Trim clips or delete whole portions of video clips.
Add, Delete or Change the Order of PowerPoint...
Adding or deleting slides is a simple click of the mouse or keyboard. Drag slides to their new location in Slide Sorter view.
Windows Movie Maker Pictures Disappeared - Only...
Why don't the pictures show in Windows Movie Maker project file?
What is a Hyperlink (or Link) ?
Hyperlinking allows the viewer to quickly access another location -- be it another website, a slide in a presentation, or an email address.
How Do I Rehearse and Record Timings in...
Rehearse timings for your PowerPoint presentation by progressing through the slides as if you were seeing them for the first time. As you click the mouse to advance the slides, you can record the timings on the slides.
Ambient Light
Ambient light is the available light in a room, whether by natural or mechanical sources.
Is Google Slides good enough for your...
We take a new look Google Slides to see if it can take on current king of the hill PowerPoint.
What Are Keyboard Shortcuts (or Shortcut Keys)?
Definition of keyboard shortcuts (also called shortcut keys)
4 Parts of a Successful Presentation
What are the main four parts of a successful presentation?
How to Change the Speed of a PowerPoint Animation
Change the speed of a PowerPoint animation.
How to Add Audio to a Slideshow in PowerPoint...
Add sounds, music or narration to PowerPoint presentations. Sounds can start immediately or timings can be set so that music will play over a number of slides. Play a CD track to accompany your PowerPoint presentation.
Add a New Text Box to Any Slide in OpenOffice...
Add a new text box to any Open Office Impress slide, where you want it to go. Page 5.
What is a Dialog Box?
What is a dialog box in a computer program?
Beginner's Guide to OpenOffice Impress
Free Tutorials on how to use OpenOffice Impress - A 12 Part Series of Free Open Office Impress Tutorials for the absolute beginner. Learn how to change backgrounds, fonts, add transitions and animations, use design templates and more.
How to Use Custom Timing and Effects in...
Adding custom timings to animated objects allows your PowerPoint presentation to run on its own. Animation effects can add a little extra something to your PowerPoint presentations.
How Do I Use a Hyperlink to Open Another...
How can you hyperlink to open another presenter's PowerPoint presentation seamlessly?
Create Story Maps Using PowerPoint - Part 1
Story maps are great tools to assist teachers and students with reading and writing skills focusing on key elements of character, setting, conflict, and resolution. Great for visual learners.
Math Lesson - Use PowerPoint to Teach Basic...
PowerPoint lesson plan - Math lesson to teach simple addition using PowerPoint
How Do I Select Hidden Objects on PowerPoint...
How do you select a hidden object on a PowerPoint slide that is currently covered by another object, without moving the top object?
Windows Movie Maker for Beginners - First Steps...
Windows Movie Maker for Beginners. This free Windows Movie Maker tutorial shows an overview of the opening screen and how to import still pictures.
How to Link to Other Slides or Websites in...
Make an image map in PowerPoint containing hotspots on the graphic to link to other slides or websites. Hotspots on image maps can be used to run macros or play sounds when clicked.
Security in PowerPoint Presentations
Security in PowerPoint is a concern when your presentation contains sensitive or confidential information. It it also a wise idea to secure your PowerPoint presentation to avoid theft of information.
What is the PowerPoint Viewer?
The PowerPoint Viewer is a small add-in program from Microsoft that allows a PowerPoint presentation to be played on any computer.
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