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Download YouTube Videos to Use in PowerPoint Presentations


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Save YouTube Videos to Your Computer
Free YouTube Converter program by dvdvideosoft.com

Free YouTube Converter program by dvdvideosoft.com

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Linking or Embedding YouTube in PowerPoint?

While it is faster to simply link to a YouTube video that will play in your PowerPoint presentation, the down side of this is that you must have a live internet connection for the YouTube video to play. Rather than depend on this outside variable that may or may not work for you when it is your time in the spotlight, instead it is a better practice to embed the YouTube video right into your PowerPoint presentation. No internet connection needed.

Neat Free Tool for YouTube Videos

It is a two step process to embed a YouTube video in your PowerPoint presentation. You must first download the YouTube video and then convert it to a Flash movie to use it in PowerPoint. This free tool does everything you need and much more.

Download from dvdvideosoft.com. Select the following programs from the list.

  1. Free YouTube Download
  2. Free Video to Flash Converter
  3. Install the programs. A new shortcut will appear on your desktop, called Free Studio Manager. This is the complete interface for the suite of programs that are available from dvdvideosoft.com. You may install any of these other programs as well, by simply clicking on the appropriate link.
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