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Overview of Brainshark


Brainshark Presentation Software

Brainshark Presentation Software

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Overview of Brainshark

Brainshark is an online and mobile video presentation software providing capabilities for on-demand viewing. The cloud-based program is accessible by computer or "on-the-go" by smartphone or tablets. The basic version at myBrainshark is free to use, and Pro and Pro Trainer upgrades are available.

Brainshark's main features are that you can very easily add audio and video to your presentation. Other documents, images, and url slides can be included as well. Presentations made using Brainshark can be viewed online, on-demand – reducing the need for and costs related to travel.

Brainshark takes a very visual approach to presentations. The program uses video slides rather than standard static slides. After uploading your pre-existing presentations, (created in programs such as PowerPoint or OpenOffice Impress), Brainshark then converts each slide into a short video clip. You can control with ease, how long each slide is visible in the video clip.

In the professional field, the Pro upgrade includes features useful for collecting data about your viewers and sharing your presentations privately. The ability to collect interactive feedback from your audience and track the viewing activity is a valuable tool for businesses.The Pro Trainer upgrade enables testing and scoring, issuing certificates and many other features.

On the down side, there are relatively few features which enable you to edit your presentation in Brainshark, because it is expected that the creation and editing has been done prior to uploading the presentation.

The Bottom Line
All in all, Brainshark is very easy to use, simple to navigate with its user-friendly interface and makes impressive, high quality multi-media presentations. This is a great tool for businesses, for training sessions, for use in schools and for personal use.

As a side note: For those concerned about the environment, what easier way could there be to reduce the carbon footprint than by enjoying a meeting of minds from your home or office, rather than traveling many miles to another meeting or training session?

Update - August 3, 2011 - Branishark announced today the "immediate availability of its Android app in the Cisco AppHQ™. With this free application, users can take advantage of an enhanced and interactive experience when they view Brainshark video presentations on their Cisco Cius™ tablets, enabling businesses to better support their enterprise mobility initiatives".

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