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Screenshot (or Screen Shot)


Example of a screen shot

Example of a screenshot

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In PowerPoint, a screenshot, (also known as a screen capture) is a digital image of what's currently displayed on the computer screen.

Screenshots are new to PowerPoint 2010. The presentation creator uses the Screenshot feature, and is prompted to select a specific program window -- one that is currently open and not minimized. PowerPoint snaps a picture of the complete computer screen showing this program window, and inserts this screenshot onto the active PowerPoint slide.

Screenshots are used frequently by technical writers, to illustrate a specific screen to the reader, so that he/she may have a clearer idea of what the writer is expressing in the written text. Throughout this Presentation Software website, you will see hundreds of examples of screenshots and screen clippings.

Also Known As: screen capture
Alternate Spellings: screen shot

Mary inserted a screenshot of the computer program she was demonstrating, onto the PowerPoint slide.

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