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What is a PNG Graphics File Format?



PNG (which is pronounced ping) stands for Portable Network Graphics and is a file format used for graphics and developed as an improvement to the GIF (Graphics Interchange Format).

Benefits of using PNG files:

  • PNG files support a wider range of colors including gray-scale and RGB format (which includes millions of colors). (The GIF format of graphics file type supports only 256 colors.)
  • Images are compressed to small file sizes but this is a "lossless compression" meaning that all the image data is retained when you save or view a PNG file.
  • File integrity checks on PNG files make downloading or emailing smoother.
  • PNG files are supported by modern web browsers. In the past only GIF and JPG files were supported on the web.
  • There are no patent restrictions on PNG files so anyone and everyone can use or create them.
  • Images created in the PNG format are also of a higher quality than those created as JPG images. This quality of image is often used when printed copies are needed.

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Pronunciation: Ping
The image used on the webpage was of the PNG file format so that the millions of colors that are available for a PNG file could be used, unlike the restricted 256 colors of a GIF image file.

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