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Using the Slide Master in PowerPoint

Tips About PowerPoint Slide Masters


The slide master feature in PowerPoint allows you to make global changes to many or all of your slides without having to make these changes to individual slides.

Below are several articles that will aid you to making the best use of your time by using the slide master in PowerPoint.

1. Slide Masters in PowerPoint

Open the slide master in PowerPoint 2007
Open PowerPoint slide master © Wendy Russell

The most common reasons for using the slide master are to:

2. Use Multiple Design Themes in PowerPoint Presentations

Use multiple design themes in PowerPoint
Multiple design themes © Wendy Russell

Since PowerPoint 2007, presenters have the ability to add multiple design themes to a single presentation.  This is done by accessing the slide master and adding extra slide layouts complete with the new design theme(s).

3. Add Pictures to the PowerPoint Slide Master

Add picture or graphic, such as a company logo, to slide master in PowerPoint 2007
Photos in PowerPoint slide master © Wendy Russell

If you need to have the same photo/clipart (such as a company logo) on every slide, the most efficient way is to insert the photo onto the slide master. Each time a new slide is added to the presentation, the photo will be present.

4. Create a Picture Placeholder on the PowerPoint Slide Master

On each new PowerPoint 2007 slide, click the picture placeholder to add a new picture
Picture placeholder in PowerPoint slide master © Wendy Russell

Questions about picture problems are common in my inbox. In the case of adding many photos, in the same location on each slide, you may wish to avoid doing this task individually. Using a picture placeholder, makes sure that all photos appear in the same spot on every slide.

5. Increase PowerPoint 2007 Slide Number Size

Enlarge the font to increase the size of the PowerPoint slide number
Increase PowerPoint slide number size © Wendy Russell

Edit the slide number field on the PowerPoint slide master to increase the slide number size on all of your slides at one time.

6. PowerPoint Custom Design Templates and Master Slides

Edit the PowerPoint slide master
PowerPoint slide master © Wendy Russell

There are four different Master Slides -
Slide Master - for all slides in the presentation other than the Title Master
Title Slide Master - the master for the Title page only
Notes Master - the master for creating the Notes pages
Handout Master - the master for creating Handout pages

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