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Quick Fixes for PowerPoint Sound and Photo Problems


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Sound Won't Play on a Different Computer
Fix PowerPoint sound and music problems

Fix PowerPoint sound and music problems

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PowerPoint Quick Fix #2 - Sound Won't Play on a Different Computer

This is a frequent problem that plagues presenters. You create a presentation at home or at the office and when you take it to another computer -- no sound. The second computer is often identical to the one you created the presentation on, so what gives?

One of two issues is usually the cause.

  1. The sound file you used is only linked to in the presentation. MP3 sound/music files cannot be embedded into your presentation and therefore you may only link to them. If you did not also copy this MP3 file and place it in the identical folder structure on computer two as on computer one, then the music is not going to play. This scenario takes us back to item one is this list -- keep all your components for the presentation in the same folder and copy the entire folder to take to the second computer.

  2. WAV files are the only type of sound files that can be embedded into your presentation. Once embedded, these sound files will travel with the presentation. However, there are limitations here too.
    • WAV files are generally very large and can even cause the presentation to "crash" on the second computer, if computer two is not of at least the same caliber in terms of its components.
    • You must make a slight modification in PowerPoint to the limit of the allowable sound file size that can be embedded. The default setting in PowerPoint to embed a WAV file, is 100Kb or less in file size. This is very small. By making a change to this file size limit, you may have no further problems.

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