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PowerPoint Slide Show View in Quarter Screen


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View PowerPoint Slide Show and Working Presentation at the Same Time
Quarter screen view of the PowerPoint slide show

Quarter screen view of the PowerPoint slide show

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View Slide Show in Quarter Screen

When designing a PowerPoint slide show, you often go back and forth from normal view (more commonly called slide view) to slide show view in order to see that the effects you have added to your slides -- such as animations, transitions and sounds -- are working properly.

There is a quick and easy way to do both at the same time. View your slide show in a quarter screen and each time you click, it will advance the slide or play the next animation. A portion of the working slide will be covered by the slide show view, and you cannot move this small window. However, you can continue to edit the working slide by simply clicking on the main window.

Steps to Open the Quarter Screen Slide Show View

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