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Hyperlink to Another File on Your Computer or Network
Hyperlink in PowerPoint to another file on your computer

Hyperlink in PowerPoint to another file on your computer

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Link to Another Presentation or Another File Type

You are not limited to creating hyperlinks to other PowerPoint slides. You can create a hyperlink to any file on your computer or network, no matter what program was used to create the other file.

There are two separate scenarios available during your slide show presentation.

  • If the hyperlink goes to another PowerPoint presentation, on click, that presentation will simply open and be the active presentation on screen.

  • If the hyperlink is to a file created in another program, on click, the file will open in its corresponding program. This will then be the active program on screen.
  1. In the Edit Hyperlink dialog box, choose the option Existing File or Web Page

  2. Locate the file on your computer or network that you wish to link to.

  3. After selecting the file in the list, click OK.
Note - Hyperlinking to other files can be problematic at a later date. If the linked file is not located on your local computer, the hyperlink will be broken if you play this presentation somewhere else. It is always best to keep all files that are needed for this presentation in the same folder as the originating presentation. This includes any sound files or objects that are linked to from this presentation.

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