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View Two PowerPoint Presentations at the Same Time

Compare Two PowerPoint Presentations Side by Side


View two PowerPoint presentations

View two PowerPoint presentations at the same time

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Compare two or more PowerPoint presentations by viewing them side by side on screen at the same time. You may be looking at two versions of the same presentation and want to make a final check or perhaps you may want to compare last year's information with this year's information. Whatever the reason, it is very easy to view two (or more) PowerPoint presentations at the same time.

Steps to compare PowerPoint presentations

Open two (or more) presentations.

  • For PowerPoint 2010 and 2007 - On the View tab of the ribbon, in the Window section, click on the Arrange All button.

  • For PowerPoint 2003 (and earlier) - Choose Window > Arrange All from the main menu.

This will show both presentations on screen at the same time.

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