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What are PowerPoint Animations?


Question: What are PowerPoint Animations?

Animations in Microsoft PowerPoint refer to the way that items, such as text boxes, bullet points or images move onto a slide during a slide show. There are two types of animations available in PowerPoint - Preset Animation Schemes, that affect all of the content on a slide, and Custom Animations, that allow you to apply a variety of animation effects to individual items on a slide.

Note - All versions of PowerPoint have the Custom Animations feature, but Animation Schemes are specific to PowerPoint 2003.

While PowerPoint animations can certainly add variety and interest to your presentation, be careful in how you use them. The most common mistake in using animations, is in applying too many, which can overwhelm and distract your audience. Stick to one, or at most, two different animations throughout the show. Choose animations that are appropriate to subject matter.

Animations are one of the finishing touches to a presentation. Wait until you have the slides edited and arranged in the preferred order before setting animations.

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