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Can I Use PowerPoint on My iPhone or iPod?


Question: Can I Use PowerPoint on My iPhone or iPod?
PowerPoint and the iPhone. It had to happen. With today's fast paced working environment, it was a natural fit to be able to use your iPhone (or iPod) to show a PowerPoint presentation.

The iPhone or iPod can be used as a mini computer to show a PowerPoint presentation. However there is some work to be done first, as you cannot display a PowerPoint slide show as is, directly on an iPhone or iPod. You must choose one of three methods to prepare your PowerPoint presentation for display on the iPhone.

  1. Convert PowerPoint to MP4 Format

    MP4 is a common video format for displaying on a portable device such as an iPhone or an iPod. You may simply download one of the many free programs to convert your PowerPoint presentation to MP4 format (or other formats as well, such as AVI or MOV). Another use for an MP4 version of your PowerPoint presentation is that it will be in a format ready for you to upload to YouTube, should that occasion arise.

    • More on YouTube and PowerPoint.

    MP4 formats will retain the animations and transitions in your presentation. This could be an important deciding factor on the method you choose.

    Things to Remember When Converting to MP4

    • You must choose an option to resize the presentation for a screen size of 480 x 320 pixels (px).
    • Choose a file compression setting that will allow for a smaller file size. iPhones have limited file size storage.
      • If you don't store many files on your iPhone and have plenty of available space, this would be a time to use a lower compression size to ensure a better quality end result.
      • If the limited file storage on your iPhone is an issue, then choose a higher compression size.
    • Other options are available such as audio settings and how to control the resultant movie.
    • Once you convert your PowerPoint presentation to an MP4 video file, simply upload to your iPhone or iPod to play.

  2. Convert PowerPoint to a PDF File

    PowerPoint 2007 has a free add-in that you can install to convert your presentation to a PDF format. As an alternative, there are some free PDF programs available on the internet that you can download to convert your presentation file to PDF format. This is a great way to email your presentation to a colleague for review. Be aware however, that none of the animations or transitions will remain.

  3. Convert Your PowerPoint Slides to Pictures
    • This is the least popular method you might choose. Slides must be converted to individual pictures first, and then uploaded to your iPhone as separate files. Be aware that none of the animations or transitions will remain on these still pictures.

Other Options for Presenting with Your iPhone

  • Previewing your presentation on your iPhone allows you to:
  • You may also hook up your iPhone to your television, monitor or a projector. By connecting the audio/video cables into the docking base, your presentation can be viewed by a crowd. (These cables will differ depending on your equipment.)
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