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Tips and frequently asked questions about PowerPoint and other presentation software, such as Windows Movie Maker and OpenOffice Impress.
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10 Tips for Critiquing Your Own Presentation
10 tips for critiquing your own presentation before the big day.

How Can I See Hidden Files and Folders in Windows?
How to show the hidden and system files on a Windows computer.

Your Company's Default PowerPoint Business Presentation
Business presentations are created every day. Many have to have the same features so that presentations for your company have a consistent "look and feel", with a standard background -- perhaps with specific company colors, fonts and even a

PowerPoint Tip Central
These PowerPoint tip collections might have just the help you were looking for on a variety of PowerPoint topics. Check out these PowerPoint tips to get you on the way to better presentations.

What is PowerPoint? - Overview of PowerPoint
Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation software program that is part of the Microsoft Office package. PowerPoint is a great tool for presentations in business, classrooms, and personal use.

Overview of PowerPoint Animations
Animations in Microsoft PowerPoint refer to the way that items, such as text boxes, bullet points or images move onto a slide during a slide show. Animations can add variety and visual interest to your Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.

Random PowerPoint Tips
Learn more about PowerPoint - one tip at a time. Check back daily for a new PowerPoint tip.

12 Tips About PowerPoint Slide Shows
Once the presentation is complete it is now time for the PowerPoint show. PowerPoint show files are different than the working presentation files. These twelve tips will help you make the most out of your PowerPoint shows.

Using the Slide Master in PowerPoint
Use the PowerPoint slide master to make global changes on multiple slides.

What Are the Shortcut Keys to Create a New Folder?
I need to use a shortcut key combination to create a new folder.

Can I Use PowerPoint on My iPhone or iPod?
How you can use your iPhone or iPod to show your PowerPoint presentation?

PowerPoint and iPhone Tips
Do you use your iPhone to show PowerPoint presentations?

7 Tips About Reducing PowerPoint File Size
What makes a PowerPoint file size too large and how can you reduce the file size?

Show File Extensions on All Files on Your Computer
Showing file extension on your lists of files make it easy to identify to which program the file belongs.

What is Windows Movie Maker? - Overview of Windows Movie Maker
Windows Movie Maker is a presentation software program that comes already installed on all Windows XP computers. Create and edit simple videos of business presentations, home movies, or photo albums.

10 Most Popular Presentation Articles of 2006
Top 10 most popular articles in 2006 about presentations. Top presentation tips and tutorials in 2006.

Recover Corrupt Powerpoint Files
Echo Swinford's tips on how to recover a corrupt PowerPoint file.

Best Alternatives to PowerPoint - 2011 Readers' Choice Awards
Vote for your favorite alternatives to PowerPoint in the 2011 Reader's Choice Awards.

Best Alternatives to PowerPoint - 2011 Winners
Winners for Best Alternatives to PowerPoint in the 2011 Reader's Choice Awards.

How Do I Add a Degree Symbol on a PowerPoint Slide?
Use the PowerPoint ribbon or a shortcut key combination to insert a degree symbol on a PowerPoint slide.

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