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Dim Text to Keep Audience Focus in PowerPoint Presentations


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How to Use the Dim Text Feature in PowerPoint
Add an effect to custom animations in PowerPoint

Add an effect to custom animations in PowerPoint

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Keep the Audience on Track

The Dim Text feature is an effect you can add to bullet points in your PowerPoint presentations. This causes the text of your previous point to effectively fade into the background, while still being visible. The current point you want to speak about remains front and center.

  1. PowerPoint 2007 - Click on the Animations tab of the ribbon, then click the Custom Animations button.
    PowerPoint 2003 - Choose Slide Show > Custom Animation... from the main menu.

    The task pane opens on the right of your screen.

  2. Click on the border of the text box containing the bullet points on your slide.

  3. Click the drop down arrow beside the Add Effect button in the Custom Animation task pane.

  4. Select one of the animation effects. A good choice is Dissolve In from the Entrance group.

  5. Optional - You may also wish to change the speed of the animation.
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