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Select More Than One File at a Time

Add a Group of Files All At Once to a PowerPoint Presentation


Selecting more than one file at a time can really speed up your work. (For example, when creating a photo album in PowerPoint, you will need to insert many files.) Once you know the shortcut keys to use, you can apply this technique to any program when needing to select a group of files. These same shortcut keys for selecting groups of files are used in all programs.

  • Select ALL files in the folder
    Hold down the Ctrl key while you press the letter A on the keyboard. This will select all files in the folder.
    Note - the letter A can be lowercase or uppercase, it does not matter.
  • Select a GROUP of files that are all in consecutive order
    Note - If the view of the files in the window is not currently shown in List, change to that now. Choose View > List from the menu.
    1. Click the first file in the group of files you need (this might not be the first file in the list).

    2. Hold the Shift key and click on the last file in the group. A block of consecutive files is selected.

  • Select several files that are NOT in any particular order
    1. Click the first file in the group.

    2. Hold the Ctrl key while you click on each specific file that you want to select. This method allows you to select randomly placed files in the file list.

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