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Convert PowerPoint Slide Shows to Word Documents


Why Would I Want to Convert My PowerPoint Presentation to Word?
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Why Would I Want to Convert My PowerPoint Presentation to Word?

Converting a PowerPoint presentation to Word is a quick and easy process. The conversion will create a Word document containing thumbnail versions of your slides meant for handouts to the audience. These handouts will show either your speaker notes pages with a miniature version of each slide or simply handout pages with areas for the audience to jot notes during your presentation.

Business presentations often must be approved and / or edited by other parties in your company. The most important information in your presentation is the content, and that is what your editor will be mainly concerned with.

PowerPoint presentation file sizes can be very large due to graphics inserted for emphasis. Rather than sending the complete PowerPoint presentation by email or over the company intranet to your boss for approval, you can send him the content outline in a simple Word document.

Note - This method of converting your PowerPoint presentation to a Word document is, in my opinion, a quicker way to create printed handouts for the audience, when your presentation is complete.

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