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Make Image Maps and Hotspots in PowerPoint to Link To Other Slides or Websites


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Decide Where to Place Hotspots on the Image Map
Create image maps and transparent hyperlinks on PowerPoint slides

Create image maps and hotspots on PowerPoint slides

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Note - This tutorial works in PowerPoint versions 97 through 2003. The only difference in the tasks is in formatting the AutoShape. These differences are shown in Step 7 of this tutorial. The remainder of the steps are all the same.

What is an Image Map?

An image map is a graphic object that has many hotspots or transparent hyperlinks to other objects or websites. For example - in a photograph showing a variety of women's clothing, if you clicked on the dress, you would be sent to another slide or website containing all the info about the dresses; when you clicked on the hat, you would be sent to the slide or website about hats ... and so on.

How Could You Use an Image Map in PowerPoint?

In the example pages to follow, the fictitious ABC Shoe Company has a PowerPoint presentation on their previous year's sales figures. Hotspots or invisible links, can be placed on areas of the sales chart that is shown in the presentation. These hotspots will link to the specific slide containing the pertinent data.

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