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Create Custom Design Templates and Master Slides in PowerPoint 2003


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New Template Created From a Design Template in PowerPoint
Make a new PowerPoint template based on an existing design template

Make a new PowerPoint template based on an existing design template

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Here is the new template for the fictional ABC Shoe Company. This new template was modified from an existing PowerPoint Design Template.

The most important step in designing your template is to save this file. Template files are different than other types of files that you save to your computer. They must be saved to the Templates folder that appears when you choose to save the template.

Save the Template

  1. Select File > Save As...
  2. In the File Name section of the dialog box, enter a name for your template.
  3. Use the down arrow at the end of the Save As Type section to open the drop down list.
  4. Select the sixth choice - Design Template (*.pot) from the list. Choosing the option to save as a Design Template makes PowerPoint immediately switch the folder location to the Templates folder.
  5. Click the Save button.
  6. Close the template file.

Note - You may also save this template file to another location on your computer or to an external drive for safekeeping. However, it will not appear as an option to use for creating a new document based on this template unless it is saved in the Templates folder.

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