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Create Custom Design Templates and Master Slides in PowerPoint 2003


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Add Clip Art Images to the Slide Master
Insert clip art into the PowerPoint slide master

Insert clip art into the PowerPoint slide master

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To Add Clip Art to Your Template

  1. Select Insert > Picture > Clip Art... to open the Insert Clip Art task pane.
  2. Type your Clip Art search words.
  3. Click the Go button to find clip art images that match your search words.
    Note - If you did not install the clip art to your computer hard drive, this feature will require that you are connected to the internet to search the Microsoft web site for clip art.
  4. Click on the picture you wish to insert into your presentation.
  5. Reposition and resize the image on the Slide Master. Once inserted, the image appears in the same location on all slides of the presentation.
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