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Beyond the Basics in PowerPoint - More Advanced Features in PowerPoint

A Series of Advanced Tutorials For PowerPoint Presentations


Advanced PowerPoint Presentation Tutorials

Advanced PowerPoint Tutorials

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You've made a few PowerPoint presentations in the past, but now you want to try some new tricks to make your presentation a work of art or you simply want to get more out of PowerPoint.

Photos and Graphics are a Big Part of a PowerPoint Presentation

Advanced PowerPoint Tutorials - Series 1
Let's face it. A PowerPoint presentation is a visual thing. Photos and graphics are what make them interesting to an audience. Here are some tips to make your slides more appealing.

Enhancing Your PowerPoint Presentation

Advanced PowerPoint Tutorials - Series 2
Creating effective and interesting PowerPoint presentations takes a bit of effort. Jazz up your presentations using animations.

Music, Narration and Timing Your Presentation

Advanced PowerPoint Tutorials - Series 3
Did you know that you can embed music or play ambient sounds in the background while your slide show advances all on its own? Narrations can also be added to the presentation so that your message is there even if you can't be.

Printing Options in PowerPoint

Advanced PowerPoint Tutorials - Series 4
Printing is an important part of any presentation. You may need printouts for yourself, complete with speaker notes, printouts to be used as handouts for the audience, or printouts for a co-worker to offer comments. Here are three tutorials on printing options in PowerPoint.

Macros, Master Slides and Web Pages

Advanced PowerPoint Tutorials - Series 5
Some of the more advanced features in PowerPoint are often used as time savers, such as creating macros or your own design template complete with your company logo.

Make Your Presentation Portable

Advanced PowerPoint Tutorials - Series 6
What happens when you need to run your presentation somewhere other than your office? The answer - pack it up, including the PowerPoint Viewer and all the bells and whistles.
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