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Advanced PowerPoint: Learn More Advanced Techniques in PowerPoint

Learn more advanced techniques in PowerPoint such as working with slide masters, creating new design templates or themes, automate your presentations, rehearse the timings, copy or move slides between presentations and working with multiple computers.
  1. Fonts in PowerPoint
  2. Presentation Mistakes
  3. Presentation Tips
  4. PowerPoint Security
  5. PowerPoint 2010 (15)
  6. Videos and PowerPoint (9)
  7. PowerPoint Charts (17)
  8. PowerPoint 2007 (25)
  9. PowerPoint 2003 (15)

Macros, Master Slides and Web Pages
Some of the more advanced features in PowerPoint are often used as time savers, such as creating macros or your own design template complete with your company logo. And, did you know you can save your presentation as a Web page for uploading to the company Web site?

Embed or Link to Video in PowerPoint
What is the better choice - to embed a video or link to a video on a PowerPoint slide?

Advanced Tutorial Series For PowerPoint Presentations
Use advanced techniques to create effective and interesting PowerPoint presentations. This series of advanced PowerPoint tutorials show you some ways to jazz up your presentations.

Package Your PowerPoint Presentation
Package your Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, complete with all the "bells and whistles", to be ready to play on any computer. Instructions for PowerPoint Versions 97 to 2003.

Custom Timings and Effects for Animations
Adding timings to animated objects allows your Microsoft PowerPoint presentation to run on its own. Animation effects can add a little extra something to your presentations.

Rehearse and Record Timings in PowerPoint
Rehearse your PowerPoint presentation and record the timings on the slides.

Save Your PowerPoint Presentation as a Web Page
Add your PowerPoint presentations to your company's web site, or email it to friends or clients. PowerPoint has two saving options for the web.

Create a Simple Macro in PowerPoint
Automate tasks using macros in PowerPoint. Create a simple macro in PowerPoint to automate a tedious task. In this free tutorial, you will create a macro to resize and center photos on PowerPoint slides.

Add Rolling Credits to a PowerPoint 2003 Presentation
Rolling credits can be added easily to a PowerPoint 2003 presentation by choosing and editing one of the custom animations.

Packaging Your Presentation for a CD - PowerPoint 2003
Package your Microsoft PowerPoint presentation ready to go. It can be played on any computer by including the PowerPoint Viewer. Instructions for PowerPoint 2003 version.

PowerPoint Pack and Go Feature
Package your Microsoft PowerPoint presentation ready to go, using PowerPoint's Pack and Go feature. It can be played on any computer by including the PowerPoint Viewer. Instructions for PowerPoint 97 to 2000 versions.

Unpack a PowerPoint Presentation
After using the Pack and Go feature of Microsoft PowerPoint, the presentation now needs to be unpacked to play on another computer.

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