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8 Ways to Have Fun With Pictures in PowerPoint

Apply Artistic and Special Effects to Pictures on PowerPoint Slides


The general consensus or reaction when you know you have to sit through a PowerPoint presentation is to stifle a big yawn. But, presentations don't have to be boring. If you are the presenter, you probably already know that adding pictures to your presentation to jazz them up a little is a good thing. Now, how about going the extra mile and really having some fun with pictures on your PowerPoint slides? Your audience might just be doubly impressed by your presentation.

1. Grayscale and Color Picture Effects in PowerPoint 2010

Grayscale and Color Image PowerPoint
Grayscale & color picture © Wendy Russell
Really drive your point home by converting the background of your picture to grayscale while keeping the topic focus in color. All eyes will be on the center of attention of your photo -- just where you want them to be.

2. Black and White to Color Photo Animations in PowerPoint

Change pictures from black and white to color in PowerPoint
PowerPoint photo fun © Photodisc/Getty Images

Remember the film The Wizard of Oz?. The movie was in black and white until Dorothy's house crashed to the ground in Oz. Suddenly everything was in vibrant color.

You can achieve this same effect on a photo on your slide. Have it convert from black and white to color right before your eyes. (Actually your photo is really grayscale, not black and white, but that is another article later on this page).

3. Flip a Picture on a PowerPoint 2010 Slide

Flip a picture on a PowerPoint slide
Flip PowerPoint picture - image © Jeff Gross/Getty Images

You might not think that it is a big deal about which way a photo faces on a slide. Actually, it really is a big deal. Ideally, the subject of the picture should be facing into the slide, not facing away from it. Of course, there are always exceptions to every rule. For example -- if the purpose of your slide is about exiting, then having the subject of the picture leaving the slide would be appropriate.

Don't forget that pictures can also be flipped vertically as well as horizontally.

See also ~ Different Ways to Rotate a Picture on a PowerPoint Slide

4. Stickout Photos on PowerPoint 2010 Slides

PowerPoint stickout photo
PowerPoint stickout phot o© Wendy Russell

Use a stickout photo to have the picture spill out onto the blank part of the slide. This effect can be used on any slide of the slide. For example, a rocket might be taking off right out of your photo on the slide.

In the example shown here the beautiful flower spills out onto the slide and text can be wrapped around it for an interesting effect. There is no end to the possibilities you can create using this effect.

5. Artistic Picture Effects on PowerPoint Slides

PowerPoint Artistic Picture Effects
PowerPoint Artistic Effects © Wendy Russell
There are all sorts of artistic effects available right in PowerPoint. There is little need to use secondary software to jazz up your pictures with reflections, beveled edges, converting to sepia or applying a 3D format. This list just goes on and on. And -- the best part is that all these artistic effects are easy to achieve with a few clicks of the mouse.

6. Save Pictures Embedded in PowerPoint 2010 Shows

Extract picture embedded in PowerPoint show
Extract PowerPoint pictures © Getty Images

Have you ever received a Power Point slide show that contained gorgeous pictures that you would like to keep for yourself? The answer is probably 'yes'. Well it is a very simple task to extract one or all of the photos from this show to save on your own computer.

Caution - It needs to be noted that photos are copyrighted by the owner. If you plan to use any picture from another person's PowerPoint show, you would need to have permission from the owner to do so. Read more on Photography and Copyright

7. Swap a Picture But Retain Size / Format in PowerPoint 2010

Swap PowerPoint picture but retain size and formatting
Swap PowerPoint picture © Wendy Russell

This might be a familiar scenario. You have inserted a picture onto a slide, took a while to get it formatted with just the right border and resized it to just the perfect size. You are happy with the result. Then Mr. Bigwig decides he wants a different picture used instead. You sigh thinking you spent all that time for nothing.

Well here is the good news. You can easily replace the picture while retaining all the formatting you already did. How cool is that?

8. Compress Photos in PowerPoint 2010

Compress photos in PowerPoint
Compress PowerPoint © D-Base/Getty Images
The premise of this whole topic is about having some fun with your pictures when using them on PowerPoint slides. Compression of the file size of your photos does not really qualify as 'fun', but it sure does go a long way in keeping your presentation running smoothly. File this information under the heading of Good to Know.

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