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10 Tips and Time-Savers for PowerPoint 2010

Speed Up Production With These 10 PowerPoint Tips


Is there ever enough time these days for any task? These PowerPoint 2010 time-saving tips will help you speed up production when creating your next presentations.

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Compress Photos in PowerPoint 2010

Compress photos in PowerPoint
Compress photos in PowerPoint © D-Base/Getty Images
You added several pictures to your slide show but didn't know that it is always a best practice to optimize your photos prior to inserting them into your presentation. Optimizing reduces the overall file size so that your presentation runs easily and smoothly. But, all is not lost. PowerPoint also has a feature that allows you to compress one or all of the photos already in the presentation.

Customizing the PowerPoint Quick Access Toolbar

Add frequently used tasks to the PowerPoint Quick Access toolbar
PowerPoint Quick Access toolbar © Wendy Russell
For those tasks in PowerPoint that you do over and over, why not access them quickly by adding a button to the Quick Access Toolbar?

Coordinate Slides With a Design Theme

Change color scheme of PowerPoint 2010 design themes
PowerPoint design themes © Wendy Russell
To paraphrase from the The A-Team ... "I love it when a design comes together". It can be very confusing to an audience if your slides are all different colors or use a large selection of fonts. Instead, let PowerPoint do the work for you by using one of the built in design themes. The effect is that all the slides look like they are a package ... which they are. And the nice part of using a design theme, is that you can easily edit the colors to suit your company.

Format Text Blocks Quickly Using the Format Painter

Use PowerPoint Format Painter
Use PowerPoint Format Painter © Wendy Russell
If you add multiple formats to the many blocks of text in your presentation -- for example, change font color, size, style -- rather than have to do this over and over to each block of text, you can use the Format Painter to apply all of these same changes in "one fell swoop".

Copy Slides from Another PowerPoint Presentation

Copy PowerPoint slides to another presentation
Copy PowerPoint slides © Wendy Russell
You must have heard that expression "don't reinvent the wheel". So if you have a wonderful slide that can be used in a new slide show, simply copy it over to the new presentation and make minor edits if necessary.

A New, Cool Tool -- The Animation Painter

Use the PowerPoint Animation Painter
Use PowerPoint Animation Painter © Wendy Russell
This new tool is a must for a list about "time-savers" in PowerPoint. I cannot fathom why it took Microsoft so long to come up with this tool. The Animation Painter will copy all the animation features of one object to; another object, another slide, multiple slides or to another presentation. Now, instead of having to apply multiple animation properties to the second, third or more other objects, you can do it all with a few clicks of the mouse. Have great is that?!

Find and Replace Text on PowerPoint Slides

Find and replace text on PowerPoint slides
Find and replace text on PowerPoint slides © Wendy Russell
You made a fabulous presentation for Client "A". Now along comes Client "B" who has the same needs and you want to present this same slide show to the new client. Why not take the easy method and make a copy of the presentation (so you retain the original for Client "A") and then use the Find and Replace feature in the newly copied file to edit the names of the players throughout the presentation? Presto! A new presentation for your prospective client.

Compare Two PowerPoint Presentations Side by Side

Compare PowerPoint presentations side by side
Compare PowerPoint presentations © Wendy Russell
If you have two copies of the same presentation, and are not quite sure which one is the better of the two, you can view them onscreen side by side to make the comparison.

Customize a PowerPoint Placeholder

Change PowerPoint placeholder in the slide master
PowerPoint placeholder © Wendy Russell
Edit the existing PowerPoint placeholder to use your own choice of font style, color and size by changing these attributes in the slide master.

PowerPoint 2010 Digital Photo Album

PowerPoint digital photo album
PowerPoint photo album © Wendy Russell
You took a hundred or so pictures at your friend's wedding. Now you want to organize the photos into a lovely display for the newlyweds. PowerPoint has a quick and easy tool for just this purpose. You can create a digital photo album on the fly and dress it up with captions. What could be easier?

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