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Adding Animation to PowerPoint 2010 Presentations

Animated Objects, Charts and the Animation Painter in PowerPoint 2010


What is an Animation in PowerPoint?
The term animation is used in PowerPoint to describe the motions that are applied to the objects on the slides, and not the slides themselves. One object or several objects on a slide can be animated.

Why Use PowerPoint Animations in My Presentations?
Animations are used to capture the audience's attention.  It's that simple.  An effective presenter who uses PowerPoint will also be aware of that old adage -- Less is more.  Using animations carefully and only for effect will get you on track to being a successful presenter.

1. Apply Animations to PowerPoint 2010 Slides

Apply a popular PowerPoint 2010 animation
Apply PowerPoint 2010 animations © Wendy Russell

Learn how to apply the most popular animations to the objects on the slides. Just like every other program, there are always several ways to do the same thing.

2. Modify PowerPoint 2010 Animation Effects

PowerPoint 2010 Animation Pane effect options
Modify PowerPoint 2010 animation effects © Wendy Russell

Once you have applied an animation to an object on a PowerPoint slide, you may wish to add additional effects or timings to that animated object.

3. Working with Animation Events in PowerPoint 2010

Open the PowerPoint Animation Pane
PowerPoint Animation Events © Wendy Russell
Animations, when used for emphasis, can be an effective tool in your presentations. But sometimes you want to make changes from the default settings of these animation events. This is a quick and easy way to do that.

4. Using the PowerPoint 2010 Animation Painter

Using the PowerPoint 2010 Animation Painter
Using PowerPoint Animation Painter © Wendy Russell

The Animation Painter is one of the new features in PowerPoint 2010. I can't help but wonder what took Microsoft so long to create this great tool.

5. Change PowerPoint 2010 Animation Timings

Change the timings previously set on PowerPoint animations
Change PowerPoint 2010 Animation Timings © Wendy Russell

The scenario:
You have created a slide show and set all the timings on the individual slides by rehearsing the slide show. Now you want to change the speed or delay of one of the animations. How do you do this?

6. Working with Animation in PowerPoint Charts

Select the PowerPoint chart to make it active and ready for animations
© Wendy Russell
Bring the focus to a PowerPoint chart by applying an animation to the chart as a whole, or to specific parts of the chart.

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