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Embed YouTube Videos in PowerPoint 2010


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What Do You Need to Embed a YouTube Video into PowerPoint?
Get the HTML code to embed a YouTube video in PowerPoint

Get the HTML code to embed a YouTube video in PowerPoint

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Why Use YouTube Videos?

Videos are everywhere now on the internet, and YouTube seems to be the most frequent supplier of videos for everything you need. In the case of PowerPoint, you may be presenting about a product, a method to produce that product, a concept or about a destination vacation, to name just a few reasons for this presentation. The list of possibilities to instruct or entertain your audience is endless.

What You Need for YouTube Videos to Work in PowerPoint

  • the HTML code from YouTube to embed the video into your presentation
  • a live internet connection during the presentation
  • a little PowerPoint "know-how" about how to play the video on screen

How to Get the HTML Code to Embed a YouTube Video into PowerPoint

  1. On the YouTube website, locate the video you want to use in your presentation. The URL of the video will be in the address bar of the browser. You don't really need to know this information, but it is shown as Item 1 in the image above.
  2. Click on the Share button, located right below the video.
  3. Click the Embed button, which will open a text box showing the HTML code for this video.
  4. Check the box beside Use old embed code [?].
  5. In most cases, you will select the video size as 560 x 315. This is the smallest size of the video and will be the quickest to load during the presentation. However, in certain circumstances, you may want a larger file size for better clarity on screen.
    Note - Even though you can enlarge the placeholder for the video later, the resultant onscreen playback may not be as clear as if you had downloaded a larger file size of the video from the source. In most cases, the smaller file size is sufficient for your needs, but choose accordingly.

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