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Use Multiple Design Themes in the Same PowerPoint Presentation


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Accessing the PowerPoint Slide Master
Open the PowerPoint slide master to apply a design theme

Open the PowerPoint slide master to apply a design theme

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Using Design Themes

Design themes make it easy to apply a set of coordinating features to each and every one of your slides. The slide backgrounds, and font styles, colors and sizes are retained in the design theme.

By default, only one design theme can be applied to a presentation. At times though, it is advantageous to have an additional one or more design themes available in the same presentation. This can be achieved by adding a new design theme to the slide master, which contains all the information about the slide layouts and styles in this presentation.

Accessing the Slide Master for First Design Theme

  1. Click on the View tab of the ribbon.

  2. Click on the Slide Master button, in the Master Views section of the ribbon. The Slide Master tab on the ribbon opens.

  3. In the Edit Theme section of the ribbon, click the drop down arrow below the Themes button. This will reveal the available design themes to apply.

  4. Click on a theme of your choice to apply to all of the slide layouts.
    Note - To apply the design theme to only a specific slide layout, click on the thumbnail view of that layout before applying the design theme.

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