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What's New in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010?


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New File Tab Replaces the Office Button in PowerPoint 2010
Information and statistics about this presentation on File tab of PowerPoint 2010 ribbon

Information and statistics about this presentation are shown "Backstage" on the File tab of the PowerPoint 2010 ribbon

screen shot © Wendy Russell

PowerPoint 2010 File Tab

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When you click on the File tab of the ribbon, you are presented with what Microsoft is calling the Backstage view. The is the place to look for any information about this file, such as the author, and options for saving, printing and viewing detailed option settings.

That old saying "What's old is new again" comes to mind. My guess is that the Office button, introduced in PowerPoint 2007, was not a success. Microsoft Office users were used to the File option on the old menu, and the new ribbon was different enough. So, the return of the File tab on the ribbon will be comforting to many users, especially those who didn't jump on the Office 2007 bandwagon.

A first click on the File tab reveals an Info section, with options for:

  • protecting the presentation by setting permissions
  • checking for issues and preparing for sharing the presentation
  • managing versions, stating how many versions of this presentation you have created and allowing for deletions

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